We offer expert consultation at an hourly rate - let's meet up and talk about your space!

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  How Does It Work?

It's pretty simple - we get together and work on your space! This can include things like talking through ideas in your home, looking online for furniture together, picking paint colors, going to the store to look at fabric samples, or maybe something else you have in mind for improving your space.

Services Included

Things like:

  • Choosing paint colors and accessories

  • Ideas for updates to furniture, fixtures, etc.

  • Giving renewed vision for updates to a space in your home

  • Shopping for accessories for your home

  • Styling shelves

  • Creating mood boards for potential updates to a client’s space

  • Giving ideas for future projects for increased home value and functionality 

What Does It Cost?

Consultation costs a flat fee of $100/hr.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact me at to get started or ask any questions you might have! I am excited to meet you and be part of making your space more functional and beautiful for you and your family!