Client Projects

Green Hills Kids

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth.” - 3 John 1:4 

One of my most unique projects of 2017 was a children’s ministry space in a church that means a lot to Jeremy and me. This is the church where we spent our dating and early marriage years, and it is full of people that are precious to our lives.  When they approached me about helping to update their children’s ministry space, I was thrilled! I finally have photos to show you. 

I already blogged about the mother’s room that we transformed for them. You can see those photos here. Today I want to show you the rest of the kid’s ministry space! 

The overall theme for this space was on mission in Nashville. We focused on highlighting different parts of Nashville in each room. They really teach the kids that their personal mission field starts in Nashville. 

The biggest undertaking was the 12South Playroom. 12South is a neighborhood in Nashville that is a tourist hotspot and a residential favorite because of its fun restaurants, iconic murals, and overall charm. One of the cutest things is Amelia’s Flower Truck—an adorable VW Van converted into a flower shop that just begs for Instagram attention. I told Jeremy I wanted a kid-sized Amelia’s Flower Truck, and he made it happen.  

Here is the inspiration board for the space...


And a before photo.... 


 Here is what it looks like now! Complete with a cute house, a coffee shop area, a recreation of one of Nashville’s most famous murals, and Amelia’s Flower Truck.


Let’s take a walk through the rest of the space, shall we? 

We started out before with some very bright colors and messy spaces! It was fun to see them change!



Now for some fun afters! The amazing murals were done by Alli Grimes, and they’re amazing! She did an incredible job.


Drop Ceiling to Bead Board Ceiling


Drop ceilings are incredibly common thing in our part of the country. I had them in my basement growing up, and our Red Brick Ranch had them in the downstairs bathroom. They are a very convenient/inexpensive solution in areas where there are pipes, vents, etc. hanging below the rafter line. BUT – inevitably, after time, they get pretty nasty. It doesn’t take much water to leave a nice big water stain, and they seem to attract dirt as well. 

When we went up to Long Island to work on Tim and Sydney’s house, one of the main projects we wanted to accomplish was to replace their old, stained drop ceiling. It’s a rental property, so entirely replacing the ceiling was out of the question, but we wanted to do something to replace those nasty tiles.


Chandler and I came up with a simple solution that we really love! Home Depot sells 4’x8’ bead board sheets. They are easy to rip down into tiles so that they fit in standard drop ceiling frames. We tested it on the Red Brick Ranch bathroom first and it worked great! So we took our idea North.


Here is a quick video showing the impact of this project and step-by-step instructions. It’s both budget and time friendly, especially compared to drywall!


Have you come up with any other creative ways to replace your dropped ceiling? Let us know! We love creative DIY solutions!

Mother's Room Transformation


Often at churches, a room is set aside for mothers to use during services as a sweet escape for them and their little ones to nurse or simply sit during a service. Right now, I have the privilege of working with a wonderful church to help redesign their kids ministry spaces, and the first room we tackled was the mother's room. This isn't a traditional client, and I can't wait to show you all the creative things we are doing in the rest of the spaces, but let's start with this little room. 

Before we did this transformation, mothers were using a little closet as their space. Here is what the space was before...


We decided to do a little shuffling and use one of the kids rooms as the mother's room. That room was bright teal and full of kids paraphernalia, so I set about changing all the vibes. We wanted to create a space that was immediately calming, peaceful and pretty. The hope is that every mother who uses this room feels welcome and comfortable. 

Here is what we were working with before...


The church has lots of awesome volunteers who gave up their time to help paint... 


And with a little painting love, some new furniture, and a little bit of accessorizing, the room is now cozy and inviting! 



If you're in the Nashville area and you're looking for a church home, check out Green Hills Church in Sylvan Park! They care for their people and I know you'll be welcomed right in!