Living Room

Living Room Reveal!

I gave you an update a few weeks ago on the state of our living room. We have been making subtle changes bit by bit, and I think we are finally calling it done!

When we looked at the house, it looked like this.

Then for about 2 years, we lived with the living room looking like this.

About 6 months ago, when we painted all the kitchen cabinets white, we began to make changes to the living room. Slowly, but surely, we have gotten to a point that feels like we are finished.

I finally had a chance to take some photos...ta da!

Here is what we have changed:
- New couch (purchase link here)
- Re-painted all the walls. It's hard to tell, but they went from grey-beige to more of a pure light gray.
- Swapped the gray curtains for white ones from a different room.
- Swapped the chevron chairs for a single club chair from a different room (and recovered the chairs. More on that later)
- Moved a bench from one of the guest rooms into the space next to the door.
- Got rid of the art above the couch in favor for those beautiful diamond window panels (found at a local flea market).
- Swapped the jute rug for a Dash & Albert Rug that was in our guest room.
- New coffee table (purchase link here)

The only new things we purchased were the couch, coffee table, and window panes above the couch. Everything else was simply borrowed from other rooms in the house. I absolutely love how much lighter, brighter, and more balanced everything is! It feels perfect for springtime.

We love this new, pretty couch. It was such an upgrade for us. The velvet material is so soft and comfortable, and it's very cat friendly (they aren't as tempted to scratch velvet as they are linen).

Also, having this club chair instead of the smaller chairs is more functional for our everyday life.

We also recently switched out our kitchen chairs for some metal tub chairs.

I feel like we have finally settled into a room that I am truly proud of! At least...for now :-)


Final sources:
Paint color: Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore (at 50% strength)
Couch: Chloe Velvet Tufted Sofa from Macy's in Granite
Pillows: Home Goods & West Elm
Coffee Table: Wayfair
Sideboard/TV Stand: Free on Craigslist/DIY painted and stained (info on the paint job here.)
Bench: Free/DIY Recovered (here)
Rug: Dash & Albert
Club chair: Bargain hunt
Throw blanket: Home Goods
Lamps: Walmart
Diamond windowpanes: Nashville flea market
Boxwood wreath: Target