Fall Home Preview & Mudroom Reveal!

 photo mudroom2_zpsdgkco8m0.jpg

I truly love Fall. When I think about pumpkins and crisp nights and crunchy leaves and soup and cider, I am like a giddy schoolgirl. Jeremy has rolled his eyes every time I have come home with a new pumpkin in the past few weeks...which has been often. I just keep buying all the pumpkins!

That said, nothing says fall like cozy clothes. Boots and scarves and jackets and cardigans. While we are still very much in "transitional" fall weather here in middle Tennessee, I look forward with anticipation to the weeks ahead when it's cool enough to layer up before heading out. Fall comes later here than in the North, but we get to experience a extended, gradual changing of leaves and crisp, lovely temps from about mid-October through the end of November.

With all those layers often comes a mess in our house, however. We come inside and shed the jackets and scarves and boots and scatter them around the living room and the basement. That's why I am so excited about the newest completed project in our house: a mudroom. As soon as you enter the basement, there is now a spot to hang those sweaters and kick off those dirty shoes.

I don't have very good pictures of the "before" from the angle of the back door, but this is a really awful photo of what the basement looked like for the first two years of us owning the house. When you walk into the basement from the carport (the door we use 99% of the time), there used to be an open L-shaped room in front of you.

 photo IMG_9014_zpsv2suduwj.jpg
 photo 10857651-E8B3-44E6-BC0B-05E2227C867E_zpsewlxv10q.jpg
 photo F103C994-CC14-43A9-9DEC-C4EF0B95796A_zpsrhggm7qr.jpg
 photo Basementupdates1_zpszdb4iojm.jpg

Then we decided to construct a half wall in order to create more separation between the entrance and ceiling overhang (thanks, air ducts). Then we installed a light fixture, hung shiplap and let it sit for a few months.

 photo mudroom5_zpschjd7mqe.jpg
 photo mudroom3edited_zpsa5y5wf83.jpg

Finally, Jeremy built a bench last week, and we hung hooks below the light, and we have a designated mudroom space! Usually, I invite you in from the front porch. But, come on inside our home from the carport door. Kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable! I decked out the mudroom for fall with white pumpkins, my favorite booties, a cozy plaid throw and a pillow, and some fall accessory essentials. Also, dried hydrangeas from the yard are one of my favorite ways to deck the house at the end of summer and early Fall.

 photo mudroom8_zpsh96sirku.jpg

The hooks were a flea market find, and the light fixture was on clearance at Home Depot.

 photo mudroom10_zpsgq8glycx.jpg
 photo mudroom1_zpsezssyuvy.jpg
 photo mudroom11_zpszlflf7rh.jpg

Jeremy built this bench one afternoon while I was at work. We stained it with "Dark Walnut" from Miniwax. I originally wanted a built in bench, but now that we have this one, I can't imagine liking a built in bench more! Here is what it looks like from the basement staircase that leads up to the kitchen. And an evening shot with the light on...

 photo mudroom6_zpslt8nmrwx.jpg

Mittens always wants in on the photo shoot.

Thanks for coming over! Soon, I'll do a full fall house tour!

Basement Updates

 photo IMG_9014_zpsv2suduwj.jpg
 photo Basementupdates1_zpszdb4iojm.jpg
 photo IMG_5543_zps8d4837ce.jpg

It has been a long time since I updated you on the renovations in our basement. When I last left you, we had just finished our master bedroom--our biggest project yet. After we finished that room, we were sitting in our basement den and realized the room would become much more functional with the addition of a half wall, and armed with the skills Jeremy had recently acquired in electric wiring and wall building, we decided to build a mud room. We finished it to the point where it currently stands a couple of months ago. Then i painted the whole basement. Then I hated the color and painted it all again.Here is a look head on before... And after... Here is what the room used to look like from the studio room.

 photo Basementupdates6_zpsrquvzmnl.jpg
 photo 11-Basement_zpsdb68cb55.jpg
 photo Basementupdates5_zpsz3nenrwb.jpg
 photo Basementupdates9_zpssvvjmnw3.jpg
 photo Basementupdates7_zps0vyhpscv.jpg
 photo Basementupdates3_zpsn1fiumaa.jpg
 photo Basementupdates8_zpsqazsbode.jpg

And what it looks like now. And here is what it looked like from the back wall when we bought it. And now. And a few more photos. This room is hard to take photos of because the natural light is minimal. But I think this gives you an idea. It is still very much a decorative work in progress. I have a lot of work to do to get it to the cozy space that I envision in my head.

 photo mudroom1_zpsundgwukm.jpg

Eventually this mudroom area will look something like this. Imagine a stained built-in bench and some antique hooks I got at the flea market. I think it's going to make this basement so much more functional!

 photo IMG_9020_zpsnko8ejio.jpg

Up next...more details on the shiplap process. Stay tuned!