Drop Ceiling to Beadboard Ceiling


Drop ceilings are incredibly common thing in our part of the country. I had them in my basement growing up, and our Red Brick Ranch had them in the downstairs bathroom. They are a very convenient/inexpensive solution in areas where there are pipes, vents, etc. hanging below the rafter line. BUT – inevitably, after time, they get pretty nasty. It doesn’t take much water to leave a nice big water stain, and they seem to attract dirt as well. 

When we went up to Long Island to work on Tim and Sydney’s house, one of the main projects we wanted to accomplish was to replace their old, stained drop ceiling. It’s a rental property, so entirely replacing the ceiling was out of the question, but we wanted to do something to replace those nasty tiles.


Chandler and I came up with a simple solution that we really love! Home Depot sells 4’x8’ bead board sheets. They are easy to rip down into tiles so that they fit in standard drop ceiling frames. We tested it on the Red Brick Ranch bathroom first and it worked great! So we took our idea North.


Here is a quick video showing the impact of this project and step-by-step instructions. It’s both budget and time friendly, especially compared to drywall!


Have you come up with any other creative ways to replace your dropped ceiling? Let us know! We love creative DIY solutions!