Mother's Room Transformation


Often at churches, a room is set aside for mothers to use during services as a sweet escape for them and their little ones to nurse or simply sit during a service. Right now, I have the privilege of working with a wonderful church to help redesign their kids ministry spaces, and the first room we tackled was the mother's room. This isn't a traditional client, and I can't wait to show you all the creative things we are doing in the rest of the spaces, but let's start with this little room. 

Before we did this transformation, mothers were using a little closet as their space. Here is what the space was before...


We decided to do a little shuffling and use one of the kids rooms as the mother's room. That room was bright teal and full of kids paraphernalia, so I set about changing all the vibes. We wanted to create a space that was immediately calming, peaceful and pretty. The hope is that every mother who uses this room feels welcome and comfortable. 

Here is what we were working with before...


The church has lots of awesome volunteers who gave up their time to help paint... 


And with a little painting love, some new furniture, and a little bit of accessorizing, the room is now cozy and inviting! 



If you're in the Nashville area and you're looking for a church home, check out Green Hills Church in Sylvan Park! They care for their people and I know you'll be welcomed right in!