New Coffee Bar

Hey everyone - Jeremy here. Some of you may have seen the little bar cart that I build Chandler for her birthday a few years back. It’s the one that sits between our living room and our kitchen.



I built it out of a small desk we found at our favorite antique shop in Chattanooga (R.I.P. Knitting Mill Antiques) and made the cart portion out of some old pallet wood we had. It actually rolls pretty smoothly on hidden little rubber casters. She thought it was pretty sweet, and I got some major husband brownie points.

Throughout its existence, the bar cart has been a bit of a mystery to us. We’ve used it in a number of ways – we considered making it a mobile kitchen island, we’ve put our knives and cutting board on it, and more recently we’ve put some of our coffee stuff on top and our record player on bottom. This worked pretty well, but there just isn’t enough space for all our coffee gear there, so it’s scattered about the kitchen.

 Like many of you, Chandler and I both LOVE coffee. We probably register slightly on the “coffee snob scale,” although we aren’t quite to the “whisper sweetly to your coffee grounds as they roast” level. Chandler is an every morning coffee drinker, and I’m more of a post-lunch-mid-afternoon kind of guy. We have slowly been investing in more and more coffee gear (as well as reorganizing our house), so we decided it’s high time we created a central spot for our coffee.




So as you can see, we cleaned off the cart, put up a couple shelves with some cool industrial brackets from Home Depot, and voila. We have this awesome coffee area now! Not only is it really functional, each piece of the coffee station has a story.


-       The bar cart is the one I built for Chandler for her birthday. I know it's special to her, and I think it's pretty cool too. 



-       The shelves are from a piece of driftwood I found while at a lighthouse on the coast of Maine last Spring. For 9 months I've had no clue what to do with it, but I don't think I could have found shelves with more of a story. 


 The art print is from one of Chandler's favorite artists in Nashville, Kristin at Winsome Easel. She combines calligraphy with watercolor in a really cool way. Definitely check out more of her prints!


We tried to add a little life by putting a plant on the shelf, but we keep forgetting to water it. Fingers crossed we don't kill it too quickly. 


I love this spot. A place that we once tried to make unassuming has now become a focal point in our main living area. Come by and I’ll make you a cup on the house. 



Wall Color: Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore (lightened by 50%)  

Coffee Cart: Desk from Knitting MIll Antiques, Chattanooga, TN (Modified to be a cart by Jeremy)  

Shelf brackets: Home Depot  

Driftwood for shelves: a random lighthouse in Maine :-)  

Canisters: Target

Mugs: Lennox French Pearl 

"Spirit Lead Me" Artwork: Winsome Easel