Office Updates and Changes...Ready To Go Bolder...

One of my favorite rooms in our house is our office. It has evolved a bit over the years. You can see some previous updates here, here, here and here

This is how it looked last Fall. Then I got bored and started making changes. 


Originally the room was beige. Then we went warm gray. Then we went white. We have gotten rid of the original chair, desk, and bookshelves. One of the only things that has remained for the long haul is the antique farmhouse mantel, but even that got an update recently with a little white paint on the wood insert we created. 

Our style has evolved so much in the course of a few years in our house. We have slowly honed in on the things that we really love as we have gotten rid of a lot of our newlywed hand-me-down furniture and purchased things that we care about. 

That said, we have gotten everything on our main floor to a pretty calming neutral gray and white palette. (Here is our updated living room and house tour) I love all the neutrals with light pops of color, but the other day Jeremy looked at me and said "we need more bold color in this house." 

Moral of the story...nothing ever feels done around here. Can I get an amen? 

So I'm starting to make more changes to this room, but we are starting with a very clean white slate. 


So I'm starting to make plans for some changes to the office. This room is right off the kitchen and is one of the more visible rooms in the house. Also, Jeremy has really started using this room a lot more for his daily work, and I think it's time to make it a more impactful space. 

So I'm taking inspiration from rooms that are bolder and brighter and richer. 

I'm thinking maybe a bold accent wall, a fun and colorful rug, a new desk for me to have a spot to work, and maybe clearing out some of the random things that don't have a spot. 

Here is some of my inspiration. 


In the mean time, we are also updating our patio, kitchen, and basement! We will keep you posted on all of the little changes we are making!