Welcome to Peach & Pine!

Welcome to the new blog for Peach & Pine Home! 


I (Chandler) have been blogging for a little over three years over at my original blog, www.allpreciousandpleasant.com. If you found me from there, welcome to the new blog space! 

When I first began blogging upon purchasing our first home, I had no idea that I would be uncovering such a passion. I fell in love with writing for the blog. I have always loved to write, but the blog gave me a creative outlet to use that passion. My husband, Jeremy, and I also fell in love with making our house into a home through renovating, decorating and DIY. When people started asking us to help us with THEIR homes, we decided we should start thinking about creating a business together. 

After months and months of planning and discussing, Peach & Pine was born. While I learned so much through my original blog, allpreciousandpleasant, I also knew for a while that the title of the blog didn't really communicate clearly what the blog was about. Also, with the decision to partner with my husband in a business that helps people turn houses into homes, I knew it was time to start fresh with the blog! 

If you've been following for a while, you will find all the old posts from All Precious & Pleasant archived here! And I will continue creating content about our lives, our home, DIY, and renovation as we begin to help clients with their homes as well! 

If you're new, thanks for checking us out! Here are the links to a few popular posts from the archives! 

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Thanks for following along on our journey through our blog! We would love to help you bring fresh life to YOUR home! Check out the other links on the website and learn more about our design and custom building services! 

~ Chandler