Christmas House Tour 2016 Part 2: The Main Floor

If you were to call me today and tell me you were coming into town, I would tell you to come right over and have a cup of hot cocoa and sit down on the couch for a nice long chat. But since I can't invite all of you over today, I'm virtually inviting you into our home for our Christmas home tour! 

In years past, I have kept our living room completely neutral, but this year I decided to bring in some pops of red, and I love the festive cheer it adds! Since I don't normally decorate with red, it feels even more special for this season. 

I always put the Christmas tree in the window because it looks so festive from the street! Because our living room is so compact, we went for a pencil tree in order to maximize our walking space. 

I used metallic ornaments with  some berry sprigs for that pop of color. Then I wrapped a black and white ribbon around it horizontally and a gold ribbon vertically. 

I have been collecting ornaments year by year, and a couple of years ago I made all of the pinecone ornaments out of pinecones I found at the park and dried out. 

I wrapped my gifts in a variety of wrapping paper this  year. 

On the other side of the room, I used red and white pillows mixed with some neutral pillows we already had, and then I hung a wreath over our window panes. When in doubt, hang a wreath, right? 

One of my favorite things is the hanging vinyl covers on the wall. I just hung them with 3M velcro strips. I love to spin records...especially Christmas records. And these are three of our favorites. 

Sometimes the best parts are the tiny details. Like the ornaments in the dough bowl on the coffee table flanked by some free greenery. And the gift wrap. And, of, course, most importantly...the nativity set on the console table. 

My dad collects nativity sets, and it was always very clear in our house that the nativity is the most important part of the Christmas decorations. It truly is what Christmas is all about. 

Now that you've seen the living room, let's head over to the kitchen for a minute. We can stop and refuel with some hot chocolate, coffee or tea at the little drink station.

I love that boxwood wreath from Target because it is good for any season. A plaid ribbon makes it extra Christmas-y, but I love it year round. 

 I shared our tablescape already, but here is a bit of a refresher! 

Here's a look from the peninsula into the living room.

Let's head to our final stop of the tour where we can sit and sing come carols on our vintage Wurlitzer. Or if you need to get some work done, sit down at the desk. 

For some perspective, the view on the above left is looking from the kitchen into the office. It's technically a bedroom in the floorplan, but it's open to our kitchen and the hallway, so we have made it an office space. It has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and now it is the most functional it has been. It fits our needs perfectly. 

As soon as we painted these walls dark a few months ago, I could picture a flocked tree in that corner. It just fits. 

A couple of notes about this space. That white narrow desk is mine, and Jeremy made it from the front of an old piano, and some sewing table legs we took off of a table we no longer use. It's pieced together, and it's nothing fancy, but it works perfectly beneath the window and for my office needs. Jeremy's desk is on the other wall and isn't pictured. 

The tree was the cheapest 5 foot tree I could find at Target last year, and this year I flocked it myself using Sno-Flock

The mantel is from an old farmhouse, and we bought it on craigslist for $75! I made the stockings, and the metallic tree collection on top is my favorite. 

Thank you for coming along on our holiday home tour of the main floor! I hope to take you down to our basement soon :-) First I need to put away all the laundry and vacuum down there! #reallife

Merry Christmas to you all! Soak in the joy of these last two weeks before December 25. I pray you find peace when you need it from the Giver of all peace.