Book Shelf Bookshelf

Hey there! Jeremy here. Some of you may have seen the desk I recently built that we have put in my office. For those of you who haven’t, check it out:


I built this desk for me to use while I’m working from home and it has been great! One of the things I do from home is produce music. It’s not my main source of income but it is something I really love to do. Because this is somewhat of a specialized field, there are a couple things I need to have on my desk. Two of the things that are incredibly helpful are a second screen and a pair of speakers, but simply putting these pieces of equipment on my desk isn’t practical. The second screen ends up being covered when I flip open my laptop, and the speakers are below listening level (which doesn’t bother everyone but it bothers me). And apart from that, it just didn’t look good to have the screen and speakers just sit on the desk.


So I thought about throwing some shelves up, but I wasn’t sure it would look right. So I had a pretty creative idea! At least I think it’s creative…it may be common sense to all you smart people. Anyway, Chandler and I had just recently been to an estate sale where Chandler found a bunch of hardcover books we bought for $1 per book. You may remember a previous post where she talked about how much she loves using books around the house. I also remembered that I had a couple pieces of stained 1x6 board from a previous project. So I put 2 and 2 together and made a book shelf bookshelf! I found 2 sets of 3 books each that were similar sizes, set them on my desk and put the wood piece on top. 


Ok so simple right? You’re probably like “Jeremy, this is so simple…what’s the point in telling me this? I just wasted like 75 seconds reading this.” Simplicity is the point. Solutions to design problems in our homes don’t have to be complex. Sometimes the best solutions are simply creative. This shelf has been working great for me, and I think it looks a lot better than the alternatives I considered. 

IMG_4389 (2).JPG

What creative solutions have you guys come up with in your homes? Let us know on Instagram! Tag @peachandpinehome and hashtag #pandpsimplesolutions