Drop Ceiling to Bead Board Ceiling


Drop ceilings are incredibly common thing in our part of the country. I had them in my basement growing up, and our Red Brick Ranch had them in the downstairs bathroom. They are a very convenient/inexpensive solution in areas where there are pipes, vents, etc. hanging below the rafter line. BUT – inevitably, after time, they get pretty nasty. It doesn’t take much water to leave a nice big water stain, and they seem to attract dirt as well. 

When we went up to Long Island to work on Tim and Sydney’s house, one of the main projects we wanted to accomplish was to replace their old, stained drop ceiling. It’s a rental property, so entirely replacing the ceiling was out of the question, but we wanted to do something to replace those nasty tiles.


Chandler and I came up with a simple solution that we really love! Home Depot sells 4’x8’ bead board sheets. They are easy to rip down into tiles so that they fit in standard drop ceiling frames. We tested it on the Red Brick Ranch bathroom first and it worked great! So we took our idea North.


Here is a quick video showing the impact of this project and step-by-step instructions. It’s both budget and time friendly, especially compared to drywall!


Have you come up with any other creative ways to replace your dropped ceiling? Let us know! We love creative DIY solutions!

Mother's Room Transformation


Often at churches, a room is set aside for mothers to use during services as a sweet escape for them and their little ones to nurse or simply sit during a service. Right now, I have the privilege of working with a wonderful church to help redesign their kids ministry spaces, and the first room we tackled was the mother's room. This isn't a traditional client, and I can't wait to show you all the creative things we are doing in the rest of the spaces, but let's start with this little room. 

Before we did this transformation, mothers were using a little closet as their space. Here is what the space was before...


We decided to do a little shuffling and use one of the kids rooms as the mother's room. That room was bright teal and full of kids paraphernalia, so I set about changing all the vibes. We wanted to create a space that was immediately calming, peaceful and pretty. The hope is that every mother who uses this room feels welcome and comfortable. 

Here is what we were working with before...


The church has lots of awesome volunteers who gave up their time to help paint... 


And with a little painting love, some new furniture, and a little bit of accessorizing, the room is now cozy and inviting! 



If you're in the Nashville area and you're looking for a church home, check out Green Hills Church in Sylvan Park! They care for their people and I know you'll be welcomed right in!  

21st Ave Airbnb Reveal


I love furnishing homes where clients live every day and build family memories, but there's something unique about furnishing a short term rental property. It's a little more fun and a little more free because the purpose is about creating an enjoyable space for someone to stay for a few days, so I like to bring in a little more color and spunk. 

This client has an office out of the bottom floor of an 1920s bungalow near Vanderbilt and Belmont in downtown Nashville, so they decided to rent out the upstairs apartment as an Airbnb. It's cute and small and full of that old house charm. I was thrilled when they hired me to furnish it from top to bottom! (For more Airbnb fun, check out the West Side Single Story). 

This client requested mid-century modern vibes that felt a little feminine and a little eclectic. I wanted it to feel like a space that had been collected over time and pieced together. 

So, on your next trip to Nashville, look up this Airbnb and book a few nights! 

Until then, I'll give you a virtual tour.  

The living space has a few fun pops of color and quirk in the blue velvet tufted sofa (that lays flat into a bed for extra guests), the vintage art (a cheap flea market find), and the Kilim pillows from Etsy.  


I love that mid-century style TV stand. It's from Wayfair, and it is really sturdy and solid!  

And how fun is this old newspaper I found? Just a little bit of Nashville flair for all the out of town guests.  


In the middle of the apartment is a small, but functional kitchen. In order to make room for a little bit of tableside dining, I picked a petite tripod table (from West Elm) and surrounded it with acrylic ghost chairs. 


Now let's head into the double twin bedroom. Perfect for kids or for friends! I love this little space. 


The client already owned the Pottery Barn rug in the middle, and it was the perfect jumping off point for this space. I kept the bedding simple, but a pop of color in the rust pillows adds just enough spunk.  


The final room in this apartment is the master bedroom. I love all the bright light streaming in from the windows, and I went for a simple, classic look in this room. I found that large piece of vintage art for $20 at the Nashville Flea Market, and then I pulled in the blues and greens through the pillows on the bed. 



When you're decorating on a budget, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. In lieu of traditional side tables which were too tall for this platform bed, I found these lidded baskets on clearance at target. They're the perfect height, and then mimic the woven texture on the window shades. 

Also, with a platform bed, sometimes the best lighting choice is a wall sconce. These shaded lamps from Lowe's are an affordable solution (at less than $30 a pop!), and they add a little bit of a "hotel" vibe to the room. 


Thanks for dropping by! Now go ahead and book a few nights to stay here. You will love our wonderful city, and I promise a comfortable and cozy few days!  

Also, I want to take a moment to give a huge shoutout to Wayfair Trade! Wayfair is one of my favorite places to shop, and they went above and beyond to make this space awesome. I spent hours on the phone with my awesome trade rep, Riley, working out shipping details on a very large shipment. Wayfair has amazing customer service, and they make beautiful, quality things!