One Month of Home Ownership

We signed the contract and picked up our keys one month ago today. What a whirlwind it has been! 1. We painted two bedrooms in one night.  photo IMG_1421_zpsc1f36e95.jpg  photo IMG_1420_zpsfbf9f998.jpg

2. We moved all of our stuff with the help of good friends.  photo IMG_1431_zpsd87fccac.jpg

3. We built and painted a banquette.  photo IMG_5589_zpsb7fcd7ce.jpg

4. We enjoyed a lovely Easter with family and ate our first meal at our new table.  photo easterlunch_zps7a4e7d57.jpg 5. We got the basement "guest ready"  photo IMG_5531_zpsb5b3077e.jpg 6. We painted my childhood bed.  photo IMG_1435_zpsf24b6ffa.jpg 7. We refinished a TV stand  photo IMG_5481_zps16cc0404.jpg 8. We invested in lawn tools, and Jeremy mowed our yard for the first time.  photo E390FBBF-C1CF-45EA-9368-FF5877EB176A-3959-0000022F4CC0DD4F_zps38997c37.jpg 9. We painted the living room and kitchen gray.  photo IMG_5471_zps718cae8b.jpg 10. We inherited and invested in new furniture pieces  photo IMG_5462_zpsaba834ca.jpg We actually did a lot more that I have yet to post about. Here is a sneak preview of some of our other projects that we have been working on!  photo 49aaa134-a5ae-4f1d-9d0d-3cfcfa9c6cf5_zpsa4f2451c.jpg

Y'all come back now, ya hear?