Throwback Thursday: Our First DIY Project

I am just starting several painting projects that aren't ready to post yet, so I thought I would share a little throwback on the blog today to pass the time. In our first apartment, we were blessed to have been gifted quite a bit of our furniture, and I had to do very little DIY. I knew we weren't staying there long, and we had too much furniture for the little space already so I refrained for the most part. That was one of the reasons I was itching to get into a house where I could keep busy with projects.

The one furniture transformation we tackled at the old apartment happened within our first month of marriage, so I thought I would do a little throwback to the corner shelf that, unbeknownst to us, initiated what I believe will be many years of DIY love.

We were looking for a corner shelf to hold some of our glassware and random decor that we didn't have space for, and we found one from a little girl's room on craigslist. As per usual, I requested a lower price, got it, and then painted it.

Here was the before and after.  photo 547810_4362746917553_930737245_n_zps5946b48c.jpg

And another angle in our old apartment.  photo cornershelf_zps64d69d02.jpg

And here it is now in the basement guest bedroom. The interior color almost matches the walls exactly.  photo IMG_5532_zps8950186e.jpg

This little corner shelf started it all.