The Kitchen Nook Pt. 1

You may remember from this post that I really wanted a kitchen banquette. Well, the in-laws came in town for Easter weekend, and my father-in-law is a handyman extraordinaire, so he and Jeremy spent 15 hours Saturday building the nook. We are not wasting any time on this house! I have yet to paint the seating, but I thought I would go ahead and post some updates on our really cozy, unique bench seating in the kitchen. This is the perfect space saver for any kitchen with limited dining space. I love rooms that have an eclectic feel, but that can also be terrifying because it is hard to know how to be eclectic without looking like a mess or like an unintentional collection of whatever you had on hand. Lord help me; our kitchen nook is going to be eclectic. I am loving the industrial look that is popping up all over the place, and we purchased the Jackson Dining Table from World Market. I bought some mid-century style chairs to refinish and recover. And pillows and a bench cushion will make everything feel pulled together.

The men worked hard to create the perfect space. They cut wood in the carport.  photo B3553357-8365-4031-907C-E41E41C0D79E-13466-000003A80DEA55A5_zpsc9246caf.jpg  photo 31E7F9AE-CD1C-46FA-9321-D0F045C40D9B-13466-000003A7EB3DDBFE_zps257fc9c7.jpg Installed the bench inside.  photo B2D7E9C0-3CE3-4F6A-8B50-551673CB176F-13466-000003A7D9E164BD_zps264ca6b2.jpg Cut the base molding to create a seamless look with the wall.  photo 79736EC7-B666-4691-9B7B-8895C833E1B8-13466-000003A71D254A6A_zps14825a58.jpg Moved a wall outlet to the side of the bench for added functionality.  photo 2F03AD8D-C31B-4244-85F7-7D7979DB79B6-13466-000003A761F63142_zps0124c746.jpg Redirected air flow from the floor to the outside of the bench with a vent.  photo 39574538-8FC8-4A10-BC49-AA9EE1413375-13466-000003A78C08400B_zps97c61362.jpg  photo B543E3BC-98D8-46C3-A82F-F5BD9BD89CF2-13466-000003A714D04AF4_zps6dd467fb.jpg Installed a hinge top for loads of storage.  photo A97DAEC8-A6E7-4606-831F-ED7A01573B2E-13466-000003A6F0D551C0_zps4a9dc68d.jpg And rested after a good day's work.  photo 915F0F89-2EFA-419F-B2FA-D6B0658FD939-13466-000003A70DA8E18A_zps8069fcd5.jpg Doesn't it look beautiful? It is comfortable too. Come have dinner with us!  photo IMG_5524_zps77bbdcd5.jpg  photo IMG_5522_zps6e3e94ae.jpg I can't wait to paint it and add pillows. I will be back with another post after more progress!

Check out our progress: Painted white With mid-century modern chairs

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