From Free to Fabulous: The Dreaming Phase

I have a daydreaming problem, and the latest object of my daydreaming affection is this FREE dresser that I found on craigslist as a curb alert. I drove to pick it up on my lunch break, opened my trunk, and stared at it for a bit as I tried to figure out how in the world I would get it into my car. Thankfully, a nice man came and helped me lift it. I came home with this:  photo 2013-02-25_12-20-34_42_zps8f0f0335.jpg

It's a laminate veneer, but I think I can dress it up a little bit and make quite a lovely little TV stand for our living room. I'm thinking something like this: 

 photo dresser-with-dark-wood-top_zps6dc8555f.jpg

I love the white distressed bottom with the dark wood top, but we'll see when I start putting the pieces of our living room together. For now, I'll keep daydreaming.

 photo Signature_zps48867f61.jpg