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Guest Room to Music Studio Update

Our basement is currently a mess. We are updating the bathroom, so there is wood everywhere, and we are planning a yard sale, so there is junk treasure everywhere, and we are changing the purpose of the guest room, so there is furniture everywhere. Congratulations, you're about to get a preview of our mess. I've mentioned it before, but Jeremy & I are musical people. I was a commercial voice major and he was an audio engineering major in college. As a result, I can sing and he can record it. It's a great little system. But, we haven't had a good space for that in quite a while. It's a lot easier to get stuff done if there is a place to go rather than trying to set up a makeshift studio on the kitchen table when it's time to record something.

Long term, we are going to finish out our garage and make it into our Master bedroom, move the guests upstairs, and have the studio in the current guest room.

For now, we are just going to convert the "guest room" into a studio space, move the guest bed upstairs to the room where I keep my clothes (temporarily), and keep saving our pennies for the garage conversion.

Here is what the spare basement room looked like in our house listing... House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

And what it looked like as a guest room after we painted it "Natural Linen" by Benjamin Moore and added some curtains and colorful bedding. House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

And now we've gone full circle. Back to white on three walls (White Dove by Benjamin Moore) with an accent wall in a blue-teal-green-gray color (Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore). The guest bed is staying in this room until after Easter when we have family coming in town, and then we will continue with the changes.  photo studio1_zps074feab6.jpg  photo studio2_zps3bcb2862.jpg I purchased this rug from West Elm...  photo rug3_zps3c77a02a.jpg

And if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this piano that we are in the process of converting into Jeremy's desk...  photo IMG_7322_zps9e8b5011.jpg

And with the red accents that will come in through his instruments and some pops of color, and hopefully the purchase of a love seat or settee, I think it will come together quite nicely. Here is a mood board I created.  photo musicroommoodboard_edited-2_zps6ef3661c.jpg


I'm excited to give that bed a new place and make this room into something functional where we can easily go to demo songs and be creative!


Master Bedroom Plans TAKE 2

For months, I have been completely uninspired by our master bedroom. I have stared in forlorn dismay at the blank walls and undressed windows with very little vision. With almost every other room, I have had an immediate vision for what I want it to look like. I feel inspired and ready to go. With our bedroom, I got nothing. Until now.

I'm sure plans and ideas will change as I start the process, but I am all of a sudden emboldened with a clear picture of what I want the space to look like. And it is quite a bit different from my original mood board. To refresh your memory: Here is what my first mood board looked like. I had some ideas, but when I looked at the room I wasn't super excited about how this would actually turn out.  photo MasterBedroomNumbered_zps83906ae4.jpg And here is what it looks like today. It's easy to sleep in here because it's so boring.

bedside tables

And here is my new vision: Master Bedroom Mood Board

Sources: Wall Color - Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore (mixed in HGTV paint by Sherwin Williams Bedding - Anthropologie (I already own this) - Navy no longer available Stripe Fabric - I will be recovering a bench for the end of our bed in a fabric similar to this. Bird Watercolor Painting - Original Only on Etsy. I love the colors in this and the peacefulness of birds. This etsy shop has so many pretty bird watercolor original works! I definitely want to order one. It is a goal of mine to start collecting more unique and original art for our home. Ampersand Typography Art - Paperchat on Etsy. I love typographical pieces, and there is something charming about an ampersand in a master bedroom because when I married my hubs, we added a forever "&" between our names. Agate Bookends - West Elm. I want to incorporate lots of textures and materials into the bookshelves I want to install on our free wall, and I fell in love with the colors and natural element of these book ends. Organic Sparrow Song Euro Shams - West Elm. I purchased these several months ago. I wanted something different than I normally choose, and I thought our room deserved a touch of whimsy Gold Quatrefoil Pillow - I found this on Pinterest (but lost the link), but I purchased a similar one at Home Goods. Dresser - We already own one similar to this! Night stands - I found these at a thrift store and re-did them. Lamps - We purchased two oil rubbed bronze lamps similar to these at Home Goods (my favorite place!) Curtains/bamboo shades - I really want to replace our mini blinds with bamboo shades, and I already purchased two sets of ivory curtains from Home Goods!

A few other notes and your opinion...

I also want to install three floating shelves on that large wall to the left of the bed and fill them with knick knacks and doo dads and art and stuff. I can't find a picture of exactly what I want, but here is a good example... West Elm Shelves

Also, I want to find a new light fixture for the ceiling, but I am really clueless about what I want. A ceiling fan for functionality? A pendant light? A chandelier? Any ideas?

Also, I am thinking about painting the ceiling. Should I: 1. Paint the walls a darker gray and move light gray to the ceiling? 2. Leave the walls as is, but paint the ceiling a darker gray? 3. Paint the ceiling a shade of blue (Jeremy's suggestion; he is tired of gray).

Please help me.

One final image of inspiration. I am loving this room from Kerrisdale Designs. Maybe I can just channel some of that vibe.  photo Master-Bedroom_zps798ecd43.jpg



Kitchen Dreaming {for someday} Scheming

We have a lovely kitchen. Truly. When I compare it to our first apartment, it might as well belong to Martha Stewart herself. I'm thankful for a renovated kitchen in an old house like ours, and I'm thankful for nice cabinets with hidden hinges, new appliances that function well, and nice tile floors. I am truly grateful, and I know if our kitchen never changes an ounce in the time we live here, my quality of life will not go down one kitchen - all precious & pleasant blog

But I can't help gazing at dream kitchens and imagining what I would do with mine if I had all the budget in the world. Even without a big budget, we hope to make a few updates someday (maybe countertops? Maybe painting the cabinets? I try not to get ahead of myself).

Here are some of my inspirations. My dream kitchen would have... - White cabinets. They are so crisp and clean. - An island that is different color than the cabinets. - An apron sink. Swoon. - Pendant lighting. - Gray backsplash - Wide plank dark hardwood floors - Either very dark or very light countertops. Who has two thumbs and likes contrast? This girl.

kitchen dreaming kitchen dreaming kitchen dreaming kitchen dreaming

So in my dream world, I would paint our cabinets, add cabinet hardware, and switch out the laminate countertops for granite, marble, butcher block, or some other such luxury.

I do not live in a dream world, however. So thanks for going on a little limb with back to my real kitchen. I can cook delicious meals and invite people in. That's all that really matters in the end.

Although white is the new brown, and farmhouse apron sinks are the


The Office Dreaming & Scheming

I have alluded several times to the plans I am currently making for our office space. Well, they are still merely plans. This is what the room looks like mood board

Pretty uninteresting, huh?

So, I figure if I put into writing what I plan to do with the space, it will hold me accountable to making these dreams a reality.

Here are a few goals for the space: - Create a functional yet stylish room that is a quiet retreat for Jeremy to study for seminary - Incorporate masculine touches while still keeping it light and airy. - Purchase a mantel for decorative warmth and coziness and fill it with stacked logs or brick. - Paint our existing laminate bookshelf - Add architectural interest in some way--whether it be a plank wall, decorative ceiling tiles, etc. - Find a desk - Purchase an arm chair - Other accessories to keep an eye out for: rug, lamp, ottoman or pouf, curtains, mantel decor - replace ceiling light

Here is my thrown together mood board to give you an idea of my color scheme and some of the pieces I already have. office mood board The mantel and arm chair were recent bargain finds. The arm chair is from Essex Bargain Hunt (a scratch-and-dent/overstock store) and it was a heck of a deal, and the mantel is a beautiful antique piece that I scored on Craigslist. You've already seen my painted garage sale desk.

I am now on the hunt for a rug and some accessories, and I hope to replace the current boob light situation with something modern and stylish like this Young House Love lantern from Shades of Light.

I am going to narrow down my wall paint color this week so I can hopefully start painting this weekend. I can hear the winds of change blowing already.


Mood Board Mondays: The Master Bedroom

Since I have become a regular reader in the home decor blogosphere, I have become well acquainted with mood boards. I love the idea of planning what a room will be like and testing out colors and patterns on the computer before beginning to play around with real life. I thought the easiest room to start with would be our master bedroom because I already have most of the basics. In our humble 1959 ranch, there isn't anything particularly "Master" about the bedroom where we will sleep. It is just a really small cozy 12x12 box with one reach in closet. This is a design challenge of sorts, and I am up for it.

Stylistically, I  love it when feminine meets masculine. Soft meets bold. Classic meets eclectic. This reminds me an awful lot of when Chandler met Jeremy. Perfect.

Here is my mood board.  photo MasterBedroomNumbered_zps83906ae4.jpg 1. Wall color: Stonington Gray by Sherwin Williams; 2. Bedspread: Navy Rosette bedding from Anthropologie (I got it on clearance several years ago) 3. Curtains: West Elm (there is no way I can afford these; they just inspire me to find something similar); 4. Gold lamps: I have a couple of lamps I plan on giving a face lift, and I love the gold accent; 5. Dresser: ours is similar to this one and was a gift; 6. Pillows: West Elm (love the pillows; hate the price. I can be much thriftier) ; 7. Nightstands: I am not sure what I am going to do with our night stands, but I really like this two-tone night stand from The Hunted Interior, this silver leaf nightstand I found on Pinterest, and campaign style nightstands. 8. Jute Rug:

So there you have it. A little dream board.