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From Free to Fabulous: Gold Dipped Dining Chair

Gold-dipped dining chair tutorialIt is a well known fact that anything dipped in gold becomes immediately luxurious. Seriously...when have you ever seen something that was gold-dipped and wasn't fabulous? Well...don't answer that. I can think of some things that shouldn't be dipped in gold...but a dining chair is not one of them.

Back in March, I stumbled across a dining chair and a nightstand being thrown out at a dumpster. I immediately texted Jeremy because somehow they ended up in my car. Oops.  photo null_zpsa049f40b.jpg The chair turned into the perfect addition to my sewing table and also can be moved around the room to my keyboard when I sit down to write songs. Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial I chose the lazy-girl's route to a painted chair. I didn't prime. I didn't do multiple coats. I simply: 1. Lightly sanded the chair with 220-grit sandpaper 2. Wiped it down 3. Spray painted one good coat

Doesn't get much simpler than that! I chose Valspar paint + primer which made my job so easy. I originally envisioned a dark gray color, but I didn't see a good charcoal at Lowe's in the Valspar spray paint, so on a whim I chose the color Cobalt Cannon. I tend to love gray-blues, and this one is indeed lovely. Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial For the gold dipping, all it took was some of Martha Stewart's Metallic Gold Craft Paint, a small craft paint brush, and some 3M painter's tape. Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial I measured 5 inches from the bottom of the legs and wrapped the tape all the way around the leg. Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial Then using a simple craft paint brush, I painted the gold. It took three good coats. I let each dry about an hour in between. Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial Immediately after applying coat #3, I removed the tape.

The tape removed a bit of the gloss from the spray paint. I might go over it with a glossy top coat in the future, but it is barely noticeable, so for now I am leaving it.

I mostly use this chair with my little sewing table, so I decided to gold dip those legs as well using the same method. Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial The result is what I had hoped for! Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial Now that I have gold-dipped once, maybe I can find other things that need some glam. Like a vase.  photo golddippedvase_zps5b24d2fc.jpg Or an entire dresser. Gold-dipped dining chair tutorial

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