FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

The box that I have kept on our coffee table until now recently broke. The nails came out and it just started falling apart, so it was time for a new coffee table set up. I already had a pretty silver bowl with pearl inlay that we got as a wedding gift, but it seemed like it needed something a tray. But, I have such a long list of things to buy for our house right now that I didn't want to spend money on a tray, so I found a long rectangular photo frame that I hadn't hung since we moved  here, some leftover fabric from my recent bench reupholstery, and some white paint that I keep on hand for times such as this. So for $0.00, I got a really pretty tray that adds some fun life to the coffee table.FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

This tutorial is so simple it almost isn't necessary, but perhaps you will be inspired to try this project at home with a thrifted or un-used frame. This would be adorable on a night stand, a dresser, a kitchen counter, or anywhere where you want a little more pizzazz on a small display.

I started with this photo frame. I simply removed the glass and existing photos and painted the frame white. I actually spray painted it first, but I didn't like the texture, so I went over the spray paint with a brush and some white paint. FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

Then I ironed the fabric and taped it around the existing mat in the frame. You could also use a piece of cardboard if your frame doesn't come with a mat. FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

And that is all there is to it. But, what a transformation, right? I styled it with some simple baby's breath in a mason jar, my flea market iron horse Charlie (get it, Charlie Horse?), and this silver bowl filled with decorative balls. (Maybe I should use the word globes? I still feel awkward about decorative I'm in middle school). I picked up a whole box of those pretty moss and neutral globes for $4 at a yard sale last weekend. That isn't even half of them!

FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

Sometimes making simple updates will encourage you that you are making progress in your home and inspire you to tackle the big stuff. Some bigger stuff in our bedroom is in stay tuned! FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray


Spring Pinterest Challenge: Floating Console Table

I was inspired to start this little blog space of my own because I began following other bloggers who were doing creative things in their homes. Some of my favorite bloggers have established something called the Pinterest Challenge. Find inspiration on Pinterest, attempt to try the project yourself, and live to tell about it. Check out those fabulous bloggers and their challenges--links are at the bottom of the post. Here is our first PINTEREST CHALLENGE! (**cue superhero music and imagine me and Jeremy running out in capes to tackle the challenge**). photo springpinterestchallenge_zps3a089f4d.jpg

For today's challenge, I actually commissioned the skills and brains of my favorite handyman, Jeremy Guyton Quarles.

I gave him the idea, but he did a lot of the leg work on this one.

We were inspired by this pin on Pinterest. All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets

Our living room space is pretty tight, so we thought it made all the sense in the world to install a console table behind the couch rather than end tables on either side of the couch. It is the perfect place to have lamps for reading light and to set a drink down during the football game. It was really affordable and could be completed in an afternoon.

Jeremy found the most beaten up piece of wood at Lowe's since he knew he wanted it to look rustic and worn. It is 1" high x 12" wide x 6' long.  photo IMG_5485_zps7a8d3c08.jpg

Then he attached three L-brackets to the wall along where he found the studs. He used some tips and tricks from Young House Love ( found here) to make the wood look even more worn. He sanded it down with 220 grit sandpaper and our handy orbital sander.

Next we applied Miniwax Stain in Red Mahogany. I applied and he wiped off immediately because the raw wood soaked up the color so quickly.

I finished it off with two coats of gloss polyurethane, we installed the board to the L-brackets, and voila! It turned out every bit as lovely as we hoped, and personally, I like it even more than the original Pinterest pin! All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets

Two mercury glass lamps from Home Goods and some accessories made it feel even more personal. All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets I stacked our wedding album, our Young House Love book, and a couple of old books from when we cleaned out the church library on one end and put a simple silver tray and candle on the other end. Just imagine what it will look like with some art up on that wall--a project I will be tackling in the next couple of weeks. All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets Here is what it looks like underneath with the L-brackets for those of you who were trying to figure out what is going on under there. All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets Also, Jeremy created a little video of his creation of the shelf. I love this guy. [youtube=] Cost Breakdown: 1"x12"x6' piece of wood from Lowes: $11 3 L-brackets: $9 Screws: $2 Stain: already owned Polyurethane: already owned

Total cost: $22

For a shelf that is both functional and stylish, I'd say that's pretty good. It definitely beats what it would have cost to purchase a console table or two side tables.

We would like to thank the Academy and Sherry, Katie, Emily & Renee for inspiring us to rise to the challenge.

UPDATE: Check out how this project is holding up after a year of use!  photo Updates3-ConsoleTable_zps1368b2b3.jpg