Living Room

Final living room reveal!

I gave you an update a few weeks ago on the state of our living room. We have been making subtle changes bit by bit, and I think we are finally calling it done! When we looked at the house, it looked like this.  photo 3-LivingRoom3_zpskldy1ivx.jpg Then for about 2 years, we lived with the living room looking like this.  photo livingroomcoffeetable2_zpsebpsvnoz.jpg About 6 months ago, when we painted all the kitchen cabinets white, we began to make changes to the living room. Slowly, but surely, we have gotten to a point that feels like we are finished.

I finally had a chance to take some photos...ta da!  photo 5680D5D0-6848-4988-83B3-626AC8CE43C8_zpsgbubcqz5.jpg  photo C3F4B103-6B24-4E4B-8202-86A214083481_zpsqn5kcrdu.jpg Here is what we have changed: - New couch (purchase link here) - Re-painted all the walls. It's hard to tell, but they went from grey-beige to more of a pure light gray. - Swapped the gray curtains for white ones from a different room. - Swapped the chevron chairs for a single club chair from a different room (and recovered the chairs. More on that later) - Moved a bench from one of the guest rooms into the space next to the door. - Got rid of the art above the couch in favor for those beautiful diamond window panels (found at a local flea market). - Swapped the jute rug for a Dash & Albert Rug that was in our guest room. - New coffee table (purchase link here)

The only new things we purchased were the couch, coffee table, and window panes above the couch. Everything else was simply borrowed from other rooms in the house. I absolutely love how much lighter, brighter, and more balanced everything is! It feels perfect for springtime.  photo EB452DE7-6AF2-4796-AB77-C843DB3259C8_zpsi41yqu2w.jpg  photo 439617FE-0D78-4860-B715-C05CFD08846D_zpsdhy3bema.jpg We love this new, pretty couch. It was such an upgrade for us. The velvet material is so soft and comfortable, and it's very cat friendly (they aren't as tempted to scratch velvet as they are linen).  photo C389BD0C-9D54-4F9B-8D7D-5B349948FCCB_zpscuzorxlx.jpg

Also, having this club chair instead of the smaller chairs is more functional for our everyday life.  photo 716C44A6-E4F1-49DA-B8F3-365C29DEAF5B_zpshrsudk1k.jpg We also recently switched out our kitchen chairs for some metal tub chairs.  photo D43A6ACC-9CAB-4E65-A0F2-35CBBA913BB0_zpso2bmqfwb.jpg

I feel like we have finally settled into a room that I am truly proud of! At least...for now :-)

 photo IMG_0142_zps1d9byf53.jpg

Final sources: Paint color: Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore (at 50% strength) Couch: Chloe Velvet Tufted Sofa from Macy's in Granite Pillows: Home Goods & West Elm Coffee Table: Wayfair Sideboard/TV Stand: Free on Craigslist/DIY painted and stained (info on the paint job here.) Bench: Free/DIY Recovered (here) Rug: Dash & Albert Club chair: Bargain hunt Throw blanket: Home Goods Lamps: Walmart Diamond windowpanes: Nashville flea market Boxwood wreath: Target

Springtime Living Room & Coffee Table Update with Annie Sloan

Our living room was the first room that I "finished" when we moved in. But when is any room ever really finished?I have continued to make updates a bit at a time in the last two years. New pillows, updated accessories, etc. This past week on social media, I posted this picture of our living room and took a poll on what I should do with the coffee table. It was a hand-me-down from a family member that was originally in Jeremy's college apartment, and while it looked okay from a distance, it was pretty sad up close. Scratched, warped, dented, etc. I knew I either needed to paint it or strip and refinish it, so I polled the great people of the internet.  photo Fall6_zps3602c632.jpg

The safe choice would have been to keep it wood. Everything blended together nicely and the wood played off the other wood in the room, but it was too matchy matchy for me. I wanted a pop of contrast. So while I took those opinions into consideration, in the end I went with my gut...  photo livingroomcoffeetable9_zpsycin52ww.jpg

Charcoal gray! I had some leftover Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Graphite from the card catalog  and bed frame I painted recently. It took two coats of paint and 2 coats of wax, and it is all done (side note: I can't believe I was able to do 3 substantial pieces of furniture with one quart of chalk paint. A little goes a long way!)  photo livingroomcoffeetable4_zpsz38q8onh.jpg

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, and despite the fact that we are having yet another snow day here in Nashville, I spruced up the room for Spring with some fresh flowers. Let me show you around!

I'm dying to paint those cabinets in the kitchen. I'm hoping to get that done by the end of April. White kitchen here I come!  photo livingroomcoffeetable2_zpsebpsvnoz.jpg

We love our record player! There's nothing like the sound of a record spinning while I'm cooking dinner.  photo livingroomcoffeetable10_zpsoqw33vna.jpg  photo livingroomcoffeetable3_zpsiy7mpcm8.jpg

I love our cozy corner banquette! One of my favorite projects to date. The light is from World Market, the roman shades are from JC Penney and the plates are from various thrift stores.  photo banquettespring15_zpsc0duq55u.jpg  photo livingroomcoffeetable6_zpszt0lho77.jpg

With the sunlight streaming in, you wouldn't know that it's about 15 degrees outside and snowy! But I'm pretending it's Spring...



Shine A Little Light (in the kitchen)

I've said it before, and I will say it again. Lighting matters.

It just does.

We are lights of the world. Light conquers darkness. Light makes us less afraid. Light reveals flaws.

And lighting does a lot for a room.

Here is where we were with the lighting in the breakfast nook. vintage plate wall without plate hangers

Not offensive. Just a simple and functional ceiling fan. But it wasn't centered over the table, and it definitely didn't look intentional. So, I wanted to find something to make a statement.

I fell in love with this light from a Young House Love house crash of Kristin at Restored Style. (In fact, I fell in love with pretty much everything about this house crash). The fixture is from Ballard Design, but it was just a little bit out of my price range.  Not outrageous, but I love to do things at a bargain. Restored Style


Then, one day in my regular internet searching, I came across this light from World Market. And I did a little dance. At least my fingers did a little dance across the keys and pressed purchase. Because it was only $99. On sale for $70. With free shipping. And it was on backorder for just 2 weeks (I think it is on backorder until October now), but it came eventually and yesterday we hung it up.

Four Sided Glass Pendant Light from World Market over Kitchen Banquette. All Precious & Pleasant Blog

I know, right?

I'm so happy with the way it transformed this area from just being a table and a banquette to more of a defined dining space. I also have some Roman Shades on order from JC Penney to replace the mini blinds on the surrounding windows.

Also, we just used a swag hook from Lowe's to drape the light directly over the kitchen table. It's a simple way to put a light in the right spot without having to move the electrical box.

While we're talking dining...there is another small change to the room. The barstools we had sitting at the peninsula were borrowed from a table and chair set that we are selling, so we needed to replace those barstools. I brainstormed all kinds of ways to make cheap barstools look higher end because I didn't want to spend much money, but then I stumbled across the perfect fit on Craigslist for $20 a piece.

Sometimes Craigslist is a royal pain, and things fall through and people are weird and you have to wait and search for ages, but sometimes you find the right thing for the right price and pick it up the next day from some nice people at a beautiful house in the country on a perfect Sunday evening with your husband before a nice date.

And that's what happened.

All Precious & Pleasant Blog. Pendant Light with Wicker & Metal Barstools


I like how the wicker fits in with several other design elements in our room. And I like the industrial look of the metal legs that ties into our industrial kitchen table. They are deceitfully heavy. I feel good about the quality and sturdiness.

Just a reminder with some terrible photos of where we started (tip: bad pictures make the reveal better) before

And what it looked like this morning... (Ignore the cleaning products on the kitchen table. Although I do recommend Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation. For the record)

Four Sided Glass Pendant Light from World Market over Kitchen Banquette. All Precious & Pleasant BlogI'm not thrilled with the way the Morning Light was messing with my photo. I will try to replace with a better picture soon :-)

I love you all! And I can't wait to share Jeremy's antique piano turned desk later this week.



FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

The box that I have kept on our coffee table until now recently broke. The nails came out and it just started falling apart, so it was time for a new coffee table set up. I already had a pretty silver bowl with pearl inlay that we got as a wedding gift, but it seemed like it needed something a tray. But, I have such a long list of things to buy for our house right now that I didn't want to spend money on a tray, so I found a long rectangular photo frame that I hadn't hung since we moved  here, some leftover fabric from my recent bench reupholstery, and some white paint that I keep on hand for times such as this. So for $0.00, I got a really pretty tray that adds some fun life to the coffee table.FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

This tutorial is so simple it almost isn't necessary, but perhaps you will be inspired to try this project at home with a thrifted or un-used frame. This would be adorable on a night stand, a dresser, a kitchen counter, or anywhere where you want a little more pizzazz on a small display.

I started with this photo frame. I simply removed the glass and existing photos and painted the frame white. I actually spray painted it first, but I didn't like the texture, so I went over the spray paint with a brush and some white paint. FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

Then I ironed the fabric and taped it around the existing mat in the frame. You could also use a piece of cardboard if your frame doesn't come with a mat. FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

And that is all there is to it. But, what a transformation, right? I styled it with some simple baby's breath in a mason jar, my flea market iron horse Charlie (get it, Charlie Horse?), and this silver bowl filled with decorative balls. (Maybe I should use the word globes? I still feel awkward about decorative I'm in middle school). I picked up a whole box of those pretty moss and neutral globes for $4 at a yard sale last weekend. That isn't even half of them!

FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray

Sometimes making simple updates will encourage you that you are making progress in your home and inspire you to tackle the big stuff. Some bigger stuff in our bedroom is in stay tuned! FREE DIY Coffee Table Tray


Living Room Updates

Piece-by-piece, little-by-little, the parts are coming together in our living room! I recently made a couple small changes and thought I would do a quick highlight! After my new nightstand refinishing project, I needed to find a space for our old nightstand, and it found the perfect home in the space between our living room and kitchen nook! living room tour

Vignette cost: - Small Dresser: Free (already owned) - Mirror: $20 (Flea Market) - Books: Free - Candle: Free - Gold Vase: $3 (Garage Sale) - Bird Cage: Already owned (from our wedding decor) - Flowers: Several years old...I don't remember what I paid.

So $23. That's pretty good.

We also added a Jute Rug to our space. I have been anxious for a rug since we moved in, but I have gone back and forth on whether we needed one. I got some birthday money and decided it was time. I think I looked at just about every neutral area rug on the world wide web. My requirements were: - Must be 6x9 (a difficult size to find everywhere) - Would prefer a natural rug - Would prefer some variation in color - Must be under $150 - Must be relatively soft

After quite a bit of research, I realized that Jute would be my softest option and have the look I wanted. I looked all over the web and at a few stores, and it was a bit of a challenge to find something that fit all the descriptors.

Finally, I found this rug at It came in just the right size, was just the look I was going for, and with the $50 off coupon code they were running, it came in at $119 with free shipping. The perfect price! I also read great things about the expediency and quality from Natural Area Rugs. So I took the plunge and pressed the button.

And in just a few days, I unrolled our rug, and it was love! The perfect way to warm up the space just in time for the cooler months. living room tour living room tour

Living Room Tour

After teasing at bits and pieces of the living room through various projects for a while, I think it's finally time to give the big picture of what our living room currently looks like. This is truly the heart of our home and where we spend the majority of our time. It is also the first room that is starting to feel complete. Welcome to our home. Come in and have a cup of coffee. We can share stories.

psst...check out the house tour section of the blog up on the navigation menu to see more home tour photos of the whole house and a source list for everything found in the rooms. And for details on how we chose our wall color, see here.

living room tour

living room tour

living room tour

living room tour

living room tour

And because it's hard to share the living room without giving a peek into the kitchen nook...

living room tour

So here's the low down on our to-do list; where we are and what I still would like to complete:

living room - Paint the room revere pewter - Build a floating console table - Find a pair of side chairs - Find a side table for the chairs - Find a two-tone TV stand - Gallery wall behind the TV - Art above the console table - Install double layer curtains - sew pillows for the couch - Accessorize - Get a jute rug - Install crown molding - Install full length sheer curtains (they are currently too short)

kitchen nook - Build and paint the banquette - Find a new industrial style kitchen table - Find and recover chairs - Sew pillows - Hang plate wall - Install faux roman shades over the windows - Cushion for the banquette


Tiny Tweaks

In the wise words of Hannah Montana, "Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. Everybody knows what? What I'm talkin' bout. Everybody makes mistakes." I mean it is true. Nobody's perfect. I gotta work it again and again to get it right.

Ok. Enough with the Miley references.

You see, I've been back and forth on living room curtains. First I wanted white panels with bamboo blinds. Then I realized that the window was a little wide for bamboo blinds, so I decided that I wanted double layered curtains with inner white sheers. We lived with curtains from our old apartment for a while, but they were just too short and not the right color. Then I courted about 100 different patterns because I thought I needed something bold and patterned. Then Jeremy convinced me that I needed to stick to a solid to balance out the other patterns in the room. He was totally right.

Because our house was built in the 50s, it was not made for standard curtain lengths, so I have to buy 96" curtains and hem them to 91".  Long curtains can be expensive, so I ordered a pair from Ikea in the only gray option they had and assumed that any gray would do.

Then I hemmed and hung them and tried to convince myself they were great.  photo arrowcurtain_zps680aa056.jpg They were ok. Not great. They were such a light gray...but a very cool light gray, and the walls are a very warm light gray. And most of the other grays in the room are warm as well. Something didn't sit right. Especially when I closed them at night and saw their "true colors shining through" (another song reference for you there), I almost couldn't stand it. Also, they are linen and they wrinkle very easily, and since we open and shut them at least twice a day in this space, they were steadily wrinkling more and more. tiny tweaks When I found these curtains at West Elm, I knew the color would be a much better fit. So I just went for it. tiny tweaks

I temporarily moved the Ikea curtains to my get ready/sewing/songwriting room, and they are getting along quite well in there.

Moral of the story: sometimes you just have to make tiny tweaks to get it just right.  photo curtains_zps4b39ac79.jpg Nobody's perfect. You live and you learn it.

Thank you, Miley. Signature

Gallery Wall 101

After 2.5 months of new-house livin', I am finally starting to get things onto the walls. It automatically feels more like a home! The space behind the TV was begging for some love, and a gallery wall was the perfect solution. Here is a little look into my gallery wall hanging process and the stories behind each of the pieces.Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant First I collected items that I wanted included in the set. I tried to find a mixture of colors, textures, and sizes.

Then I set it out on the ground like I thought I wanted it on the wall. Yea...didn't really end up like that. Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant

I traced each item onto newspaper or packing paper and taped the forms on the wall so I could envision what it would all look like without hammering any holes into the drywall.

Then I looked at it for a few hours (Some people let it sit for a few days. I'm not that patient) and moved things around a few times. Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant I measured the back of each frame for where the nails should go, transferred the measurements to the paper forms on the wall, marked the spots with a purple marker, and hammered away. Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant Even once I got it up on the wall, I made a few small adjustments before calling it done.

 photo gallerywall2_zps90a0fb71.jpg

1. My G-Daddy (mom's daddy) is an amazing artist. He creates beautiful paintings of scenes he has visited around the country. I grew up in a home filled with his artwork, and I looked forward to the day that I could have one of his pieces in my home. This beautiful print is G-Daddy's handiwork.

2. This antique ceiling tile was one of the first antique items that Jeremy & I bought together. In our early years of dating, we were shopping at an antique store in Texas when we stumbled across this, and Jeremy convinced me buy it. It has followed me around my last 3 apartments and now to our home.

3. This is one of the first wedding photos I have hung in our new home. The rest are sitting in their frames waiting to find a spot in the house. This frame was a $2 Goodwill find.

4. I loved the texture and interest of this metallic mirror from Home Goods. That store is quickly becoming one of my very favorite places to shop.

5. Someone gifted us this framed wedding invitation as a wedding present. I thought that was such a sweet and sentimental idea.

6. A round plate was a nice balance for all of the rectangular items. This was a thrift store find as well.

So, there you have it, folks. Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant Signature

Goodbye Big Blank Wall

We have lived in the house for over two months now, and most of the walls have remained blank canvases...waiting for me to put my creative stamp on them once I feel more confident in the direction I want to take the room. One of my goals with owning this home is to really take the time to make it exactly what we want rather than just put things in place for the sake of having something there. Since the basic bones of the living room are in place, it seems like it is about time to hang things up! I had grand plans of creating some wooden stencil art to hang above the couch. I knew I wanted a large piece of statement art that pulled color into the room rather than several smaller items. Then, Jeremy & I visited Old Time Pottery on a whim, and he found this: building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog Eureka! Beautiful colors, lovely city scape, perfect size, and something that brings life to the wall without being too busy. The price tag said it had been discounted from $79.99 (not a bad price to begin with) to $17.50. We'll take it. It was discounted because of a badly scratched frame, and we knew that was an easy fix. The frame was a color and material I didn't like it didn't really matter that it was scratched (although my wallet thanked me profusely). building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog So we brought it home and got to work.

We knew we needed to remove the existing frame and build a new one, and rather than paint wood white, we decided to buy already white trim to create the frame.

So we picked up the trim we liked the most and got two 8 foot strips of white trim at about $9.00 a piece. $18.00 is not too bad for a 40"x40" frame.

Lowes will only cut straight lines in the store, so we purchased a miter box kit which included a miter box and a saw to cut the trim at 45 degree angles. building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog'building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog

We knew we needed the inside of the frame to measure 34" square for the size of the art, so Jeremy measured, and I helped him cut the parts.

tip: be sure to pay attention that you keep the same side facing out on all sides. Otherwise you will cut one with the outside facing in and have to go back to the store and get another strip of trim. Not like we know from experience or anything...*cough*

After all of the strips were cut, we assembled the frame with our handy dandy staple gun. We simply stapled over the corners. It was not very sturdy, but we knew once we attached the art it would be sturdier. building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog Next, I flipped the frame around and removed all the staples holding the art to the existing frame.

The art was simply adhered to a piece of cardboard, so it was easy to move the cardboard over to the new frame and staple it to the back of the frame. building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog Then I added picture hanging hooks to each side of the frame.

And enlisted my handy husband to hang the completed art! building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog building a frame out of trim - all precious and pleasant blog The room is really starting to come together! I'm really excited about the colors this adds to the room without overpowering the space! And the white trim frame pops perfectly against the wall. I like it ten times better than the original frame!

Next wall behind the TV.


Spring Pinterest Challenge: Floating Console Table

I was inspired to start this little blog space of my own because I began following other bloggers who were doing creative things in their homes. Some of my favorite bloggers have established something called the Pinterest Challenge. Find inspiration on Pinterest, attempt to try the project yourself, and live to tell about it. Check out those fabulous bloggers and their challenges--links are at the bottom of the post. Here is our first PINTEREST CHALLENGE! (**cue superhero music and imagine me and Jeremy running out in capes to tackle the challenge**). photo springpinterestchallenge_zps3a089f4d.jpg

For today's challenge, I actually commissioned the skills and brains of my favorite handyman, Jeremy Guyton Quarles.

I gave him the idea, but he did a lot of the leg work on this one.

We were inspired by this pin on Pinterest. All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets

Our living room space is pretty tight, so we thought it made all the sense in the world to install a console table behind the couch rather than end tables on either side of the couch. It is the perfect place to have lamps for reading light and to set a drink down during the football game. It was really affordable and could be completed in an afternoon.

Jeremy found the most beaten up piece of wood at Lowe's since he knew he wanted it to look rustic and worn. It is 1" high x 12" wide x 6' long.  photo IMG_5485_zps7a8d3c08.jpg

Then he attached three L-brackets to the wall along where he found the studs. He used some tips and tricks from Young House Love ( found here) to make the wood look even more worn. He sanded it down with 220 grit sandpaper and our handy orbital sander.

Next we applied Miniwax Stain in Red Mahogany. I applied and he wiped off immediately because the raw wood soaked up the color so quickly.

I finished it off with two coats of gloss polyurethane, we installed the board to the L-brackets, and voila! It turned out every bit as lovely as we hoped, and personally, I like it even more than the original Pinterest pin! All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets

Two mercury glass lamps from Home Goods and some accessories made it feel even more personal. All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets I stacked our wedding album, our Young House Love book, and a couple of old books from when we cleaned out the church library on one end and put a simple silver tray and candle on the other end. Just imagine what it will look like with some art up on that wall--a project I will be tackling in the next couple of weeks. All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets Here is what it looks like underneath with the L-brackets for those of you who were trying to figure out what is going on under there. All Precious & Pleasant Blog - $22 Floating Console Table using a board & L-brackets Also, Jeremy created a little video of his creation of the shelf. I love this guy. [youtube=] Cost Breakdown: 1"x12"x6' piece of wood from Lowes: $11 3 L-brackets: $9 Screws: $2 Stain: already owned Polyurethane: already owned

Total cost: $22

For a shelf that is both functional and stylish, I'd say that's pretty good. It definitely beats what it would have cost to purchase a console table or two side tables.

We would like to thank the Academy and Sherry, Katie, Emily & Renee for inspiring us to rise to the challenge.

UPDATE: Check out how this project is holding up after a year of use!  photo Updates3-ConsoleTable_zps1368b2b3.jpg


Sew Many Living Room Updates

See what I did with the title? Punny, huh? My sweet mother-in-law spoiled me by giving me a sewing machine as a housewarming gift. I feel so domestic, and I have had so much fun learning to use it.

I have been making a few small updates to the living room using my newly acquired sewing skills.

I fabric shopped like crazy and visited all my favorite fabric stores several times to begin collecting the fabrics I wanted to bring pops of color to the living room.

I went a little swatch crazy.  photo IMG_5677_zpsb5dc0337.jpg So far, I have made six pillows in addition to the three that my mom made for me out of the fabric from my side chairs.  photo IMG_5671_zpse4315388.jpg I want to add pops of navy to the room as well as other blues, greens, beiges, and grays.  photo couchpillows_zps91c407fa.jpg I still have plans to make more pillows for the banquette!  photo IMG_5674_zps5753b3a9.jpg I also replaced the too-short temporary curtains that we hung in the living room with some simple gray linen curtains from IKEA that I hemmed 6 inches. We weren't fans of the original curtains the sellers left, so we got a double curtain rod and hung it higher and wider than before (10 inches from the sides of the windows and just a few inches from the ceiling), which meant we needed 91" curtains--a very difficult length to find. So the 98" IKEA curtains were a great option because i could hem them to the exact length I needed! Eventually I will do the same with the sheers.


 photo IMG_5668_zps3a3c8e40.jpg

AFTER  photo IMG_5673_zpsb4b60964.jpg We also love the layered panel look because the sheers provide privacy from the outside during the day but allow us to see everything from inside the living room. Then we close the gray panels at night for more privacy. I also love the romantic and soft look of the inner sheers. Can't wait to get some that are the right length!

I am becoming quicker and more accurate with the sewing machine, and it's been really fun!


Going Gray

Gray is the new tan. Haven't you heard? Gray is the "it" home neutral right now, and I am 100% on board with that. I love the versatility and modern edge that gray brings, but choosing a gray is no easy task. It seems like there are endless gray paint options out there, and it can be overwhelming to begin to choose the right shade. Grays can have blue, green, or purple undertones, and every room wears those undertones differently.

We painted our bedroom Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore color matched to HGTV paint from Sherwin Williams (see our House Tour for an overview picture). It is the perfect gray for that room. It has slight blue undertones and is a wonderful calming bedroom color. (  photo IMG_1427_zpsbe561b74.jpg Update: Master Bedroom Reveal - All Precious & Pleasant Blog

But picking the right living room color was trickier. I took advantage of sample pots of paint and tried five colors on the walls. I painted swatches in several places around the room and watched them in different lights at different times of day over the course of several days.  photo goinggray_zps7f6c54ec.jpg The colors are all by Benjamin Moore (from the top): Stonington Gray Gray Owl Covington Gray Revere Pewter Smoke Embers

There seemed to be a pretty clear winner for us from the beginning. Covington Gray and Smoke Embers were too dark. Stonington Gray was too blue. Gray Owl was too green. That left us with a color I have been eying on Pinterest for months: Revere Pewter. It is a very warm gray that almost looks taupe at certain times of day. It's a beautiful transitional color and makes a great background. It looks beautiful with our new entertainment center, chairs, and tan couch. It also works well in the kitchen.  photo IMG_5471_zps718cae8b.jpg Here it is on empty walls after we took the plunge. We had it color matched at Lowes to Olympic One paint in Eggshell. If you've never color matched before, Lowes has most colors from all different paint brands programmed into their system, and you can just tell them what you want and they can mix any brand color into their paint! That works great for newlyweds like us who want Benjamin Moore colors but don't want to pay the prices of Benjamin Moore paint.

Side note: We chose Olympic brand paint because we love John & Sherry at Young House Love, and they used Olympic in most of their house.  Also, we experimented with Sherwin Williams in one bedroom and Olympic in the other bedroom, and we actually liked the consistency, coverage, and outcome of Olympic even better than Sherwin. And the price is great. Winning.  photo IMG_5472_zps030eab85.jpg

I love the way it pops against the white trim. I just have a few small things to tweak before I will post some progress updates on the living room!

In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite Pinterest photos of the color.

reverepewter1 reverepewter2

P.S. Lots of progress has been made in the living room! Here is an overview of the space so you can see what the color looks like on the walls on a larger scale! For more photos, visit our House Tour living room tour  photo Signature_zps48867f61.jpg