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Christmas Home Tour 2015

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is spending time alone at home making wreaths, hanging ornaments and decorating every corner of our home while I watch corny Hallmark movies and listen to Christmas music. I love the stillness of the empty house and the time alone with my thoughts as I reflect on the year and put my hands to work crafting and being creative. I was reflecting today on all of the Christmas-y things that I so love to do and enjoy. The lights, the shopping, the events, the parties. Yesterday, after a day of celebratory events, I ended the evening thinking about how I didn't feel as much of the "Christmas magic" as I should have.

The reason is that no matter how many beautiful decorations I hang, cups of hot chocolate I drink, or movies I watch, I will still be left with an emptiness if not for one thing.


I have kept such a busy schedule that I have cut down time with the One person we are celebrating. Today I sat down and just spent some time with my Savior, and that "magic" I was looking for came not from lights and scheduled activities but from the richness of His word and time with Him.

He truly is the reason for the season, and he shines much brighter than the lights on my tree.

But I love that I get to decorate in celebration of that :-) That said, welcome to my Christmas home. (You can also check out my 2013 Tour and 2014 Tour).

We got a new Christmas tree this year from Home Depot. The little pencil tree is exactly what we need in our living room.  photo IMG_0087_zpstx70jyii.jpg  photo IMG_0130_zps4a3bkc48.jpg  photo IMG_0071_zpss3jwu6hg.jpg  photo IMG_0131_zpsdcqf2vsb.jpg

I used a lot of accents of black and white this year.  photo IMG_0137_zpsbdnwpn7q.jpg Come on into the eat-in kitchen. Our newly renovated white kitchen is such a great backdrop for the traditional red and green.  photo IMG_0112_zpshavdgpor.jpg  photo IMG_0113_zpspwgayqmu.jpg  photo IMG_0117_zps6rkhl3yl.jpg  photo IMG_0121_zpssmyu6hhs.jpg  photo IMG_0107_zpsvdlinjsg.jpg

Now come on into the reading room where I've decorated my antique mantel with metallics and greenery.

 photo IMG_9965_zpsbzjxgjaj.jpg  photo IMG_9961_zpsei0osmr1.jpg  photo IMG_9938_zpsjmtbbus5.jpg  photo IMG_9951_zps8sv61yr7.jpg

Now I wanna take you to the basement (which underwent some major renovation in the last year), but I want you to come in through the carport door, so let's walk around back of the house.

 photo IMG_9988_zpsvtvxosnp.jpg I filled this vintage box (an early Christmas box from my mom) with some twinkle lights, free greenery, and sticks from the yard.  photo IMG_9994_zpsxwy6hyyq.jpg Come on in. This mudroom is new this year too!  photo IMG_0003_zpswyf1u80h.jpg

I made the little wreaths from boxwood clippings and free greenery from the tree lot on a simple wire hanger base.  photo IMG_0064_zpsp7gxidjz.jpg  photo IMG_9999_zpstiv2kdxv.jpg I found those cute vintage cards at a local boutique. They were selling the whole set for a dollar!  photo IMG_0018_zpsdf2r6pyi.jpg We have been spending a lot of time in this basement space lately. It's fun to have such a cozy spot!  photo IMG_9996_zpshpktihkn.jpg This is the blog debut for our new organ that Jeremy got for FREE.  photo IMG_0011_zpswqtywody.jpg  photo IMG_0022_zpsdmwukuvg.jpg  photo IMG_0027_zpsmmmmasfs.jpg  photo IMG_0060_zpswsralauz.jpg No house tour is complete without my shadow, Jack the Cat.  photo IMG_0057_zpscowo9mtn.jpg  photo IMG_0039_zpsjvygwham.jpg

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Fall Home Preview & Mudroom Reveal!

 photo mudroom2_zpsdgkco8m0.jpgI truly love Fall. When I think about pumpkins and crisp nights and crunchy leaves and soup and cider, I am like a giddy schoolgirl. Jeremy has rolled his eyes every time I have come home with a new pumpkin in the past few weeks...which has been often. I just keep buying all the pumpkins!

That said, nothing says fall like cozy clothes. Boots and scarves and jackets and cardigans. While we are still very much in "transitional" fall weather here in middle Tennessee, I look forward with anticipation to the weeks ahead when it's cool enough to layer up before heading out. Fall comes later here than in the North, but we get to experience a extended, gradual changing of leaves and crisp, lovely temps from about mid-October through the end of November.

With all those layers often comes a mess in our house, however. We come inside and shed the jackets and scarves and boots and scatter them around the living room and the basement. That's why I am so excited about the newest completed project in our house: a mudroom. As soon as you enter the basement, there is now a spot to hang those sweaters and kick off those dirty shoes.

I don't have very good pictures of the "before" from the angle of the back door, but this is a really awful photo of what the basement looked like for the first two years of us owning the house. When you walk into the basement from the carport (the door we use 99% of the time), there used to be an open L-shaped room in front of you.

 photo IMG_9014_zpsv2suduwj.jpg Then we decided to construct a half wall in order to create more separation between the entrance and ceiling overhang (thanks, air ducts).  photo 10857651-E8B3-44E6-BC0B-05E2227C867E_zpsewlxv10q.jpg  photo F103C994-CC14-43A9-9DEC-C4EF0B95796A_zpsrhggm7qr.jpg Then we installed a light fixture, hung shiplap and let it sit for a few months.  photo Basementupdates1_zpszdb4iojm.jpg

Finally, Jeremy built a bench last week, and we hung hooks below the light, and we have a designated mudroom space! Usually, I invite you in from the front porch. But, come on inside our home from the carport door. Kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable!  photo mudroom5_zpschjd7mqe.jpg I decked out the mudroom for fall with white pumpkins, my favorite booties, a cozy plaid throw and a pillow, and some fall accessory essentials. Also, dried hydrangeas from the yard are one of my favorite ways to deck the house at the end of summer and early Fall.  photo mudroom3edited_zpsa5y5wf83.jpg

The hooks were a flea market find, and the light fixture was on clearance at Home Depot.  photo mudroom8_zpsh96sirku.jpg

Jeremy built this bench one afternoon while I was at work. We stained it with "Dark Walnut" from Miniwax. I originally wanted a built in bench, but now that we have this one, I can't imagine liking a built in bench more!  photo mudroom10_zpsgq8glycx.jpg Here is what it looks like from the basement staircase that leads up to the kitchen.  photo mudroom1_zpsezssyuvy.jpg And an evening shot with the light on...  photo mudroom11_zpszlflf7rh.jpg

Mittens always wants in on the photo shoot.  photo mudroom6_zpslt8nmrwx.jpg

Thanks for coming over! Soon, I'll do a full fall house tour!

Basement Updates

It has been a long time since I updated you on the renovations in our basement. When I last left you, we had just finished our master bedroom--our biggest project yet. After we finished that room, we were sitting in our basement den and realized the room would become much more functional with the addition of a half wall, and armed with the skills Jeremy had recently acquired in electric wiring and wall building, we decided to build a mud room. We finished it to the point where it currently stands a couple of months ago. Then i painted the whole basement. Then I hated the color and painted it all again.Here is a look head on before...  photo IMG_9014_zpsv2suduwj.jpg And after...  photo Basementupdates1_zpszdb4iojm.jpg Here is what the room used to look like from the studio room.  photo IMG_5543_zps8d4837ce.jpg

And what it looks like now.  photo Basementupdates6_zpsrquvzmnl.jpg And here is what it looked like from the back wall when we bought it.  photo 11-Basement_zpsdb68cb55.jpg And now.  photo Basementupdates5_zpsz3nenrwb.jpg And a few more photos.  photo Basementupdates9_zpssvvjmnw3.jpg  photo Basementupdates7_zps0vyhpscv.jpg  photo Basementupdates3_zpsn1fiumaa.jpg  photo Basementupdates8_zpsqazsbode.jpg This room is hard to take photos of because the natural light is minimal. But I think this gives you an idea. It is still very much a decorative work in progress. I have a lot of work to do to get it to the cozy space that I envision in my head.

Eventually this mudroom area will look something like this.  photo mudroom1_zpsundgwukm.jpg Imagine a stained built-in bench and some antique hooks I got at the flea market. I think it's going to make this basement so much more functional!

Up next...more details on the shiplap process. Stay tuned!  photo IMG_9020_zpsnko8ejio.jpg

Garage to Master Bedroom REVEAL!

Over six months ago, we started deconstruction on our garage in preparation for a new Master suite. Today I am sharing the AFTER! Keep scrolling for some long awaited photos and the biggest reveal this blog has ever seen. This is the first time I have waited until the decorating was complete to share "after" photos, so the last you saw, the room was still a construction mess. Let's go on a little journey.... First of all, I will show you the walk out basement floorplan that I made when we first moved in to give you a feel for where the garage was situated in the house.  photo basementfloorplan_zps24e83b69.jpg We have never once parked a car in the garage. We park in the carport, so the garage was just extra storage space. It looked like this for about a year and a half...  photo garage2_zps1be2d16b.jpg The construction was so poorly done to begin with that it was best to start from scratch, so we stripped it to studs and installed a window...  photo progress4_zps87246707.jpg Then we installed drywall, installed recessed lighting, raised the height of the air duct, divided the room to build a closet, and spent months on construction. All the little things take time (especially when it was pretty much just my husband by himself and me when I could be useful). For more construction details, see here.  photo progress10_zps271e33c6.jpg And when I last left you, it looked a little bit like this.  photo paint4_zps99c9c1c4.jpg After lots of paint, accessories, DIY projects, and furniture shopping, it is now officially DONE. Drum roll please...  photo bedroom1_zpskhnclfma.jpg

Tada!! I'm sure I will tweak things over time like adding throw pillows to the bed and such, but for now, I am calling it done. I wanted sophisticated neutral, I wanted it to feel like things had been collected over time, and I wanted the contrasts of light and dark and vintage and modern. I think it was accomplished!

This room was especially fun because we pretty much started from scratch on everything. We didn't reuse a single piece of furniture. Every other room in our house started with hand me down furniture. This one started with a blank slate. After two years of living in our home, I feel like I know better than ever what my personal style is...and this room embodies that well. We were still working with a definite budget and did a lot of DIY and bargain hunting, but I enjoy being creative with the confines of a budget.

You ready for the grand tour?

When you first walk in from the basement, you will see this.  photo bedroom2_zpsrak9l1y8.jpg

I painted the walls a very pale gray, and I wanted to highlight the contrast of dark and light neutrals everywhere. The white bedding against the charcoal headboard (which we made ourselves!!! Full tutorial to come...), the contrasting colors in the map on the wall, the dark floors with light walls, the gold against the gray on the card catalog, etc. I used creams and whites and tans and grays. I love coordination without being matchy matchy.

Now here is the view from the master closet (which I will show in a future post. It isn't quite ready for a closeup)  photo bedroom8_zpsjlwn6zgs.jpg Once again, contrast. Vintage style rug against modern platform bed. Cool metals against warm woods and grays. Traditional plates hanging above mid century modern dresser. Also, notice that I worked hard to balance colors and shapes around the room. The round plates play off the round mirror opposite and the round lamp shade. They all stand in contrast with the sharp lines of more modern furniture. White lamp shade and mirror balance with the white bedding.

Now here is the view looking from the window.  photo bedroom9_zpsdf8atkoi.jpg

To give you your bearings, the door on the left goes into the extra large walk in closet ('s like a room in there. It even has its own window. I will show more soon). The door on the right goes back into the basement den. There is a bathroom off of the den by the outside door. It would have been nice to connect it to the bedroom, but it would have required a lot more work and money, so we just walk around which doesn't bother us.

The column in the middle of the room used to be a metal pole, so we encased it in MDF and added trim to make it look like an architectural feature. And the dip in the ceiling used to be twice as low. The air ducts are housed up there, and Jeremy cut them and rerouted the pipes to raise the ceiling. Yes, my husband is a stud.  photo bedroom4_zpsr5zbmdrg.jpg

See that built in bookshelf next to the dresser? That is actually a door! Behind it is more storage space which is a complete disaster right now. Jeremy custom built the bookshelf to function as a door. Did I mention he is a stud?  photo bedroom7_zps33lrlawn.jpg On the right above is the vintage bar cart that I converted to a nightstand. I picked it up at an antique store for $30 and had mirrors custom cut at the hardware store for the shelves for $12. I will do another post about that one soon.  photo bedroom5_zpsocfcatl2.jpg Now the bed...  photo bedroom10_zpsisp6i8i7.jpgWe just upgraded to a king sized bed for the first time, and we love it. We got our mattress on Overstock of all places, and it was shipped to us vacuum packed. The bedding is simple. I can't even decide if I want to add throw pillows. I wanted it to feel like a hotel. Crisp and clean. There is gray scalloped piping around the shams and duvet if you look closely.

The headboard was a major labor of love, and I will share more soon.

Jeremy's nightstand was another antique store find for $25. I painted the top white and left the legs brown. The nightstand lamps were reused from when our master bedroom was upstairs.  photo bedroom6_zpswmedybps.jpg

Thanks for touring the room with me! I have never been so excited for a blog post before. We saved our pennies for about a year before we started, and we have been working on this room for 6 months, so it feels like such a thrill to finally call it done.

All told, we did all the construction and renovation on this room for around $3000 (not including furniture and decor). We are pretty stoked about that cost. When we first had a contractor come look at the space, we were quoted around $2000 JUST to remove the garage door and put up the outside wall and window (not including materials). That didn't include any of the other construction we did! We finished the window and wall the first weekend and still had months left of work on our hands...imagine how quickly labor costs would have added up! So Jeremy rolled up his sleeves and did the work himself. It took longer, but it saved us so much money which allows us to continue saving for future renovations.

Because we saved a little bit each month over nearly a year, we had enough to do everything we wanted to do and get the furniture we needed without breaking a sweat. We are both budgeting people, and it is a great feeling to be able to make a vision a reality with money already set aside. No stress! Then we bargain hunted and found some amazing, one of a kind pieces that I know we will treasure for years to come.

For those of you who like all the details, here is a complete source list. If that's not you, then thanks for reading and talk to you later :-) xoxo. Wall paint color: Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore (lightened by 50%) Floor paint color: Gray 2121-10 by Benjamin Moore Platform Bed: Ebay. Painted Graphite by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with one coat of clear wax. Headboard: DIY. Fabric from Brentwood Interiors. More details to come. Mattress: Overstock. Slumber Solutions 10-in gel memory foam mattress. Sheets: Home Goods Blanket: Macy's - Martha Stewart Duvet Insert: Home Goods Duvet Cover/Shams: Home Goods Mirrored Nightstand: DIY from an Antique Store find Round rope mirror: Kirklands Rug: Home Goods Nightstand Oil Rubbed Bronze Lamps: Home Goods "Antiques" Box on nightstand: Home Goods Card Catalog: Antique Store...painted Graphite by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (more info) Large Map Art: World Market Curtains: IKEA Left side nightstand: Antique Store Round clock on nightstand: Home Goods Mid-century dresser: moving sale Large rectangular mirror: came with dresser Plates: From my grandmother. Hung with this method Lamp: Target Various picture frames and accessories: from my mom, antique stores, thrift stores, and shopped from my home

I'm noticing a pattern...I like to shop at Home Goods. :-)

Thanks for reading this far! I have received some positive feedback on the blog recently, and I can't tell you how much every single compliment means to me. Thanks for blessing my heart!


Springtime Living Room & Coffee Table Update with Annie Sloan

Our living room was the first room that I "finished" when we moved in. But when is any room ever really finished?I have continued to make updates a bit at a time in the last two years. New pillows, updated accessories, etc. This past week on social media, I posted this picture of our living room and took a poll on what I should do with the coffee table. It was a hand-me-down from a family member that was originally in Jeremy's college apartment, and while it looked okay from a distance, it was pretty sad up close. Scratched, warped, dented, etc. I knew I either needed to paint it or strip and refinish it, so I polled the great people of the internet.  photo Fall6_zps3602c632.jpg

The safe choice would have been to keep it wood. Everything blended together nicely and the wood played off the other wood in the room, but it was too matchy matchy for me. I wanted a pop of contrast. So while I took those opinions into consideration, in the end I went with my gut...  photo livingroomcoffeetable9_zpsycin52ww.jpg

Charcoal gray! I had some leftover Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Graphite from the card catalog  and bed frame I painted recently. It took two coats of paint and 2 coats of wax, and it is all done (side note: I can't believe I was able to do 3 substantial pieces of furniture with one quart of chalk paint. A little goes a long way!)  photo livingroomcoffeetable4_zpsz38q8onh.jpg

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, and despite the fact that we are having yet another snow day here in Nashville, I spruced up the room for Spring with some fresh flowers. Let me show you around!

I'm dying to paint those cabinets in the kitchen. I'm hoping to get that done by the end of April. White kitchen here I come!  photo livingroomcoffeetable2_zpsebpsvnoz.jpg

We love our record player! There's nothing like the sound of a record spinning while I'm cooking dinner.  photo livingroomcoffeetable10_zpsoqw33vna.jpg  photo livingroomcoffeetable3_zpsiy7mpcm8.jpg

I love our cozy corner banquette! One of my favorite projects to date. The light is from World Market, the roman shades are from JC Penney and the plates are from various thrift stores.  photo banquettespring15_zpsc0duq55u.jpg  photo livingroomcoffeetable6_zpszt0lho77.jpg

With the sunlight streaming in, you wouldn't know that it's about 15 degrees outside and snowy! But I'm pretending it's Spring...



Seeking Holiday Holiness {Christmas House Tour 2014}

 photo ChristmasTour1_zps49e46d12.jpgLately I have virtually toured so many homes for Christmas, and I am so excited to be posting our Christmas house tour now. Last year was my first year decorating a house for Christmas (see the tour here), and it was such a fun experience. This year, I tried to change things up a little bit while still using most of the same decorations. I was able to get by with only buying a couple spools of ribbon, three live wreaths and a $2 artificial wreath, a garland, and four 25 cent cloth napkins at a thrift store.

But before the photos, let me say something.

Christmas is the time of year when nearly everyone becomes a home decorator. As we put up our lights and our trees and deck the halls with our own unique and sentimental items, homes are given new life that we treasure for those few short weeks at the end of every calendar year.

But with that comes a huge temptation to compare ourselves to others. So, I want this house tour to be different. Please don't compare yourself to me as I so often do to other people. I look at other people's homes on blogs and Instagram and in magazines and movies, and I get self conscious. A million thoughts run through my mind. Maybe we should get a bigger tree. I wish I could take better pictures. Why don't my vignettes look like that? If only I had a bigger budget. I wish our house had more architectural details. 

I often scoff at the materialism of consumer Christmas as we have made it these days. Jeremy and I don't spend inordinate amounts of money on gifts nor do we make that the focus, but yet I fall into the same trap of pride when I idolize a beautiful Christmas over a holy one.

This year, I want Christmas to make me more holy. More like that Jesus who was born as a baby. I want to take the time to soak in His work and word. I also want to make family memories, and I want to find joy in the home God has blessed us with, but not at the expense of holiness.

So my prayer is that you will be inspired by the little things we did in our home to make your home a place for family togetherness, warm memories, and personal sanctification this holiday season. Be inspired that it doesn't have to be expensive or perfect. It doesn't have to touch every room in your house (I really only decorate three rooms).

I'm preaching to myself on this one and reminding myself of the true meaning of the season. In that spirit, come on in.  photo ChristmasTour3_zpsc01aaef0.jpg I decorated the front porch for our Christmas card photos. I will show some more of those later once the cards go out :-) All that stuff doesn't sit on the porch permanently, but it's fun to dress up for a special occasion.

When you open the door, you're greeted by more garland and a wreath in the stenciled hallway. The fresh garland and boxwood wreath on the front door are from Trader Joes. The artificial wreath is from a thrift store.  photo ChristmasTour11_zpsac667f69.jpg Here is our living room. It is laid out differently than last year, but I LOVE having the Christmas tree in the window. It looks so pretty lit up as I drive home at night after work.  photo ChristmasTour5_zps77796f43.jpg I also changed around some of the pillows on the couch and pulled from other rooms for the Christmas season.  photo ChristmasTour17_zps0e10d124.jpg I love my little vintage Christmas card display. I may change out some of the photos for Christmas cards that come from friends as they begin to come in the mail. I printed all of these out from the Graphics Fairy for free and clipped the little clothespins on red and white twine from Michaels. I made a bunch of those little boxwood wreaths from wire hangers, floral wire, and boxwood clippings from the bushes in our yard.  photo ChristmasTour20_zps8142f5ed.jpg One of my favorite things is this Christmas tree forest on the coffee table. I bought the metallic trees at Home Goods last season and made all the rest (see tutorial here)

Here is the living room from the other angle. Last year, my tree was all metallics and neutrals. This year, I added a few pieces of black and white stripe ribbon for some contrast and I love it! Next year, I want to wrap the whole tree in black and white ribbon, but I ran out of ribbon and didn't want to spend any more money :-)  photo ChristmasTour6_zpsa66f5c00.jpg  photo ChristmasTour18_zpscf5f789c.jpg  photo ChristmasTour19_zpsc910f88e.jpg I reused some Free DIY Pinecone Ornaments  from last year. Let's head into the dining area!  photo ChristmasTour15_zpsc4da8e24.jpg Tip of the day: setting your table automatically makes your home feel more decorated.

I changed out some pillows this year on the banquette and added pops of red. Last year, the whole house was pretty neutral, but I had fun adding in classic red. I got all four of those plaid napkins for $1 total at a thrift store. We were given the Christmas plates. I threw some leftover ornaments in a bowl, free tree clippings in mason jars, scattered pinecones around, and called it done!  photo ChristmasTour16_zps1cb84d04.jpg  photo ChristmasTour13_zps6aadf037.jpg

This time of year, I love spinning Christmas records. We found several at a record shop a couple of weeks ago, and we have been enjoying them so much!  photo ChristmasTour7_zps5c7def22.jpg A few more kitchen details...  photo ChristmasTour21_zpscb078077.jpg Finally, our little reading and music room. I love dressing up this mantel. Even though we don't do a real tree, having real fraser fir wreaths (which are always $5 on Black Friday at Home Depot), brings in the scent of fresh greenery.  photo ChristmasTour9_zps4ff7495f.jpg  photo ChristmasTour23_zpse24fd9bf.jpg  photo ChristmasTour10_zpsac30c360.jpg I drew that handsome buck on the chalkboard, and he wishes you a very Merry Christmas.  photo ChristmasTour22_zps789e4bfc.jpg Finally, I hung some sweet little DIY boxwood wreaths with that candy cane twine over the window.

Thank you for coming over, friends.

Go love your home. And seek Jesus this season.


Fall Video House Tour 2014

Last year, about this time, I recorded a House Tour video (click here to see it) after we had lived in the house about 6 months. It's always fun to look back and see the way our house has changed over time. Pictures are great, but a video really gives you a feel for the flow and actual size of the rooms! So, on a rainy morning last week, I did another quick video tour! With a full on garage renovation underway and likely a kitchen update in the next year, I expect to see even bigger changes coming next fall!

Also, it was really difficult for me to make the colors look true in the video. Especially because the sun was refusing to shine outside!


Thanks for coming along!!


Office Happiness

We call this room the office. It's really more of a reading/writing room. Whatever it is, I love it. I love it the most of all rooms in our house. Because in the mornings, I get just the right amount of light streaming in that window to sit in that comfy chair and read my bible and journal. And in the evenings I can write a song on the piano. And it just feels like a room that doesn't need clutter or a lot of use. Yesterday I updated you on my faux pallet wall, so today I thought I would give you a good overview of how the room is looking as a whole.

This is how the room started. Just a basic beige like the rest of the house.

House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

So, we have painted everything Revere Pewter at 50% strength, brought in a desk that we have since moved to the basement, purchased an antique mantel from Craigslist, installed a pallet wall, accessorized, brought in an arm chair, ottoman, side table, and lamp, hung white curtains, taken down the mini blinds, accessorized the book shelves, and moved my keyboard into the room to make it more of an intentional music space. My favorite update was the industrial light that we installed.

Come on in!

 photo office2_zps5caf0ba6.jpg  photo office1_zps3f5e83a3.jpg  photo fauxpalletwall3_zps56efc603.jpg  photo fauxpalletwall2_zps3cc3f1fc.jpg  photo office3_zpsf3ba398a.jpg So, now, the main thing that is missing is a rug, but I can't decide what size and where it should go. I love the way Dana from House Tweaking uses Turkish Kilim Rugs all the way through her house. They are to die for! But they also make my wallet want to die! Any tips for a good deal on a Kilim rug?

I mean look how beautiful the richness and colors. I feel like that could be what this room needs.


So, give me your rug shopping tips. Or just give me a rug.

Source list: Paint Color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore at 50% strength. Mantel: Craigslist Chalkboard: Flea market DIY project Globe figurine: Antique Store Ottoman: Nashville Flea Market Side Table: Nashville Flea Market Lamp: Garage Sale Curtains: IKEA Stripe Blanket: IKEA Bookshelves:  hand me downs


Houses are for living {guest room changes}

I have a new house motto. It's unofficial, but here is what I believe: Houses are for living and loving. 

It's that simple. I'm starting to sound like a broken record because I've talked about this concept quite a bit, but I just feel so grateful to have a home because it means we get to make it our own in order to live life together and love each other and others. 

As a result, it is a priority for us to have a good space for guests to visit. That was the basement, but since we moved the home studio into what was the guest room and have yet to finish out the garage (contractor came Friday to give us an estimate!), the guest room has moved upstairs into what was just our spare room (where I keep all of my clothes since this old house has tiny closets.) I don't want it to stay here simply because there is only one bathroom upstairs and it's nice for guests to have their own space, but for now it will do quite nicely.

So, here is a look back at the stages of this room... Guest Room Progress - All Precious & Pleasant Blog Wow! What a difference, right?! Guest Room Progress...All Precious & Pleasant Blog Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog This is a temporary and incomplete set up, but I already love it. Here is what I did:

- Painted the walls Chelsea Gray and the ceiling White Dove by Benjamin Moore. - Moved the bed up from downstairs - Used existing french provincial furniture (belonged to Jeremy's mom when she was younger) - Used existing wingback chair (one of my favorite furniture finds) - Used existing curtains (Home Goods...and not the right length.) - Shopped the house for a side table and accessories. - Used existing bedding.

So, moral of the story, all I've done is use things I already had and paint the room. But it already feels like it's starting to be guest ready with just that!

Here are some plans for the space:

- Get a white duvet cover, white shams, and throw pillows to accent the bed (this will eventually move with the bed down to the basement when the guest room opens back up down there) - Paint the black bed frame white - Get matching curtains for both windows (probably just white. The existing curtains will likely be used for throw pillow covers because they are too short for the windows and came from home goods so I won't be able to find them again.) Eventually bring in a day bed for this room once this bed moves downstairs - Art for the walls.

The wall color is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore, and I already want to find another room to paint this color. I LOVE it! It is such a good, rich gray. I'm sorta wishing our whole living room/kitchen was this color, but it is a bit dark. Maybe bottom cabinets someday when we paint the kitchen cabinets?

Just for a reminder, here is what the guest bedroom looked like in the basement... Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog

I think I would love to add some mint or navy accents in accessories around the room in addition to the coral quilt. I love the contrast of the white and gray with pops of color for a guest room.

Here are some inspiring photos (click for sources)... Guest Room Progress...All Precioius & Pleasant Blog Guest Room Progress...All precious & pleasant blog Guest Room Progress...All precious & Pleasant Blog


And one more progress pic for good measure...  photo guestroom3_zps8b3ce028.jpg


Shine A Little Light (in the kitchen)

I've said it before, and I will say it again. Lighting matters.

It just does.

We are lights of the world. Light conquers darkness. Light makes us less afraid. Light reveals flaws.

And lighting does a lot for a room.

Here is where we were with the lighting in the breakfast nook. vintage plate wall without plate hangers

Not offensive. Just a simple and functional ceiling fan. But it wasn't centered over the table, and it definitely didn't look intentional. So, I wanted to find something to make a statement.

I fell in love with this light from a Young House Love house crash of Kristin at Restored Style. (In fact, I fell in love with pretty much everything about this house crash). The fixture is from Ballard Design, but it was just a little bit out of my price range.  Not outrageous, but I love to do things at a bargain. Restored Style


Then, one day in my regular internet searching, I came across this light from World Market. And I did a little dance. At least my fingers did a little dance across the keys and pressed purchase. Because it was only $99. On sale for $70. With free shipping. And it was on backorder for just 2 weeks (I think it is on backorder until October now), but it came eventually and yesterday we hung it up.

Four Sided Glass Pendant Light from World Market over Kitchen Banquette. All Precious & Pleasant Blog

I know, right?

I'm so happy with the way it transformed this area from just being a table and a banquette to more of a defined dining space. I also have some Roman Shades on order from JC Penney to replace the mini blinds on the surrounding windows.

Also, we just used a swag hook from Lowe's to drape the light directly over the kitchen table. It's a simple way to put a light in the right spot without having to move the electrical box.

While we're talking dining...there is another small change to the room. The barstools we had sitting at the peninsula were borrowed from a table and chair set that we are selling, so we needed to replace those barstools. I brainstormed all kinds of ways to make cheap barstools look higher end because I didn't want to spend much money, but then I stumbled across the perfect fit on Craigslist for $20 a piece.

Sometimes Craigslist is a royal pain, and things fall through and people are weird and you have to wait and search for ages, but sometimes you find the right thing for the right price and pick it up the next day from some nice people at a beautiful house in the country on a perfect Sunday evening with your husband before a nice date.

And that's what happened.

All Precious & Pleasant Blog. Pendant Light with Wicker & Metal Barstools


I like how the wicker fits in with several other design elements in our room. And I like the industrial look of the metal legs that ties into our industrial kitchen table. They are deceitfully heavy. I feel good about the quality and sturdiness.

Just a reminder with some terrible photos of where we started (tip: bad pictures make the reveal better) before

And what it looked like this morning... (Ignore the cleaning products on the kitchen table. Although I do recommend Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation. For the record)

Four Sided Glass Pendant Light from World Market over Kitchen Banquette. All Precious & Pleasant BlogI'm not thrilled with the way the Morning Light was messing with my photo. I will try to replace with a better picture soon :-)

I love you all! And I can't wait to share Jeremy's antique piano turned desk later this week.



Master Bedroom Reveal

If you've been keeping up with the blog of late, you've seen several updates to our master bedroom. I made a few more changes, and I think I can officially call this a "reveal" as all the boxes have been checked and I am calling it done...for now. You never know when the mood for change will strike once again!Today, I'm going to let the pictures do all the talking. Later, I can share more details about how each part came together.

Master Bedroom Reveal - All Precious & Pleasant Blog Master Bedroom Reveal - All Precious & Pleasant Blog Master Bedroom Reveal - All Precious & Pleasant Blog Master Bedroom Reveal - All Precious & Pleasant Blog Master Bedroom Reveal - All Precious & Pleasant BlogSources: Wall Color: Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore Ceiling Color: White Dove by Benjamin Moore Ceiling Light Shade: Home Goods (See DIY) Rug: Dash & Albert  (Found at a yard sale) Starburst Mirror: DIY Bed & Dresser: Hand me downs Bedspread & Navy Shams: Anthropologie Rosette Quilt  (Color no longer available) Euro Shams: West Elm Organic Sparrow Song Rectangular Throw Pillow: Home Goods Throw Blanket: Pottery Barn  Curtains: Home Goods Bamboo Blinds: Home Depot (Providence) Bench: Free & DIY Reupholstered Nightstands: Thrift Store/DIY Lamps: Home Goods

Just for a little reminder about the progress of the room...  photo before1_zps715b68b6.jpg  photo progress_zpsf3ae3b27.jpg

Christmas House Tour 2013

Come on in. Are you new here? Let me show you around and pour you a cup of hot cocoa or coffee. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas Tour 2013

This is my first year to really get to decorate a house for Christmas. Over the years, I have helped bring Christmas cheer to dorm rooms and apartments, but this year, I had a fresh new pallet to paint on, and it has been so much fun.

I am going to be back with posts over the next few weeks with details on some of the projects I have done, so I will let the pictures do the talking today. Most of the decor is stuff I found around the house, bought at thrift shops, and got for free. It is proof that CHEAP and EASY can be beautiful.

I've stuck with the "natural neutrals" theme for the most part this year. Lots of greenery, gold, silver, browns, and pinecones. I have also confined most of the decor to the main living spaces. There are hints of Christmas in other rooms, but they are hardly worth noting. If you haven't seen the rest of the house before, be sure to check out the house tour page.

Taking pictures was a struggle for this because it has been so overcast for days, and it gets dark so early! I did my best.

The front door is simply decorated with a live fraser fir wreath that I embellished with some ribbon and glittery pinecones. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013

Welcome to the living room. Our Christmas tree makes a big statement, and I have also added some holiday cheer with garland on the TV stand and some Christmas vignettes sprinkled here and there. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 Now let's step into the kitchen. The table is set for four. I love the boxwood wreaths I made from clippings from the yard (more on that later). The candlesticks in the middle of the table are from our unity candles at our wedding. I used some leftover chalkboard under the centerpiece and sprinkled around some pinecones and fraser fir branches. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 All Precious & pleasant - Christmas Tour 2013 All Precious & Pleasant - Christmas Tour 2013

For the rest of the kitchen, I simply added a few touches of Christmas here and there. All Precious & Pleasant - Christmas Tour 2013 A wreath I made from Christmas tree clippings on the basement door. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013

A chalkboard vignette with Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book that I found for 2 bucks at a thrift store. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 A little tea setting for some Christmas tea and a nativity to remember the real reason for the season. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 Christmas village as gifted by my mom and Grandma. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 In the office, the stockings are hung by the chimney mantel with care. I made the mantel feel a little more complete (more permanent project on the way) with another real fraser fir wreath. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013

A few more detail shots. All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 All Precious & Pleasant Christmas House Tour 2013 Thanks for taking our Christmas house tour. Come back soon!


Bathroom Updates: Wall Shelf & Antique Key Hook Towel Rack

We are almost finished with Phase 1 of the main floor bathroom makeover. All that's left is to put a little more art on the walls and I think I will call it complete. Phase 2 will involve some new tile, but we are going to leave that as is for now. Just as a reminder, we started here. Just a basic boring tan on the walls and nothing more. I have since painted and frosted the shower window.  photo bathroombefore_zpsf3ec5262.jpg Last week we finished up a couple more character adding touches.

Here is where we are now. Bathroom Updates It is already looking so much more complete!

Guess how much money I have spent? $40. That's right, folks. Just 40 smackaroos for a facelift on this tired bathroom. Let's break it down: - 1"x8"x6' board for the shelf and the towel wall board: $8 - Paint for the walls: $10 (They messed up my first order and gave me an entire gallon of bathroom ready paint for $10. I've barely used a quarter of it.). - Shelf supports: $10 total ($5 a pop at Lowe's). - Antique Key Towel Hooks: $10. ($5 each at the Flea Market). - Picture frame: $2 at Goodwill. I already had the art. - White paint and primer for the boards: something I keep around the house anyway.

I purchased a 6 foot 1"x8" board at Lowes and had them cut it down in store into one piece for the back wall and one piece for the shelf. I lucked out and 6' was the perfect size for both.

I primed both with Zinnser primer and then painted several coats of plain jane white paint.

For the shelf, I purchased a couple of decorative shelf brackets, and Jeremy installed it on the wall above the toilet. Simple as that. The art above the shelf is a beautiful print of a painting by my grandfather (G-daddy, as we call him). He is an incredible artist, and this is one of two prints I have from his collection. They are so special to me! The other is on our gallery wall. Bathroom Updates For the towel rack, I was inspired by these amazing antique key hooks. Aren't they gorgeous? I immediately knew that a wood plank on the walls and a couple of hooks would bring both functionality and style to the room. There used to be a standard bar towel rack on the wall, but I just don't like those. We have been hanging our towels to dry on the back of the door, but they don't dry well there. Bathroom Updates

So after painting the plank (I decided it would be easier to paint before mounting to the wall, and I'm glad I did), Jeremy used a stud finder to mark the studs in the wall and measured things out so that everything would be straight and symmetrical and awesome. Bathroom Updates Then we used standard drywall screws to attach it to the wall. I decided I wanted something heavier duty than nails for such a large board.

Next I used some painter's caulk from Ace Hardware to fill in the gap at the top of the board similar to the way that John & Sherry over at Young House Love show in this video about their board and batten install. Bathroom Updates I also used standard spackle to cover up the screws as best as I could and went over the board with one final coat of paint and some Miniwax Polycrilic (DON'T use oil based polyurethane on white paint. I repeat. Don't do it.)

Finally, we installed the hooks. They didn't come with matching screws, and standard silver screws would have been a bit of an eye sore, so I used some leftover Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to coat the tops of the screws.  photo BathroomUpdates5_zpsa727798f.jpg And there you have it!  photo BathroomUpdates6_zps731f2071.jpg I'm thinking of doing a gallery wall above the towel rack. Something like this? What do you think? Bathroom Updates

{source} from Chris Loves Julia Bathroom Updates

{source} from Holly Mathis Interiors. Signature

6 Month-iversary House Tour Video

A little over 6 months ago, we moved into our first house, and I can't believe how time has flown. I have loved making memories in our little brick ranch as we have also begun to learn more about each other, what it means to be married, and our own idiosyncrasies and things that make I meant to do this when we first moved in, but since I didn't, I decided to do a 6 month house tour video. I think it's hard to really know what a house looks like until you've walked around, so come walk around with me!

Please excuse the shaky camera and the squeaky girl voice. And the obscene over usage of the word "space." Great space...favorite space...outer race... [youtube=]

If you stuck around for all 11 minutes of that fun, BRAVO! And thanks.

Thanks for following our life adventures and being part of our home making process this last 6 months.


Amazing What Paint Can Do...

We are in the process of revamping our little main level bathroom, and this weekend a coat of paint made an appearance and changed everything. I believe wholeheartedly that paint is the quickest and cheapest way to go from drab to fab. I still have a few decorative changes to make before calling this makeover phase 1 done. If you missed it, I recently frosted the shower window. Someday we would love to get new tile and a new toilet, but that will be a little ways down the road.

Here is the progress with this weekend's paint job. Valley Hills Bathroom Paint Jeremy has been on my case about painting everything I changed things up a bit with this blue/green/gray color called Valley Hills by Behr (which I color matched to Olympic paint).

It looks a little more green in these's more blue in person. But either way it coordinates well with the old tile on the floor and the green stripe in the shower. I love this color. And I's a little bit nice to have some color on the walls...instead of a shade of gray. Valley Hills Bathroom Paint I removed the towel bar on the back wall because I have some exciting plans for that wall and some flea market finds! Valley Hills Bathroom Paint More progress to come later...


Let There Be Light

When our house was updated in '09 by a contracting company (in between owners), they did a lot of things that I really like. They opened up the floorplan and finished out the basement and refinished the wood floors and such. But one choice they made (for the sake of their wallets, I'm sure) was to install boob lights (a certain style of flushmount light that appropriately has earned that name) in all the bedrooms and the hallway. It is my mission to replace these lights because they are tacky and not all that functional.

Starting with the office.
young house love wire globe lantern
And let me tell you, I am in love with this new fixture. It completely changes the feel of the room!

I owe my excitement to John & Sherry at Young House Love and the folks over at Shades of Light. This is the Small Wire Globe Lantern in Oil Rubbed Bronze from the Young House Love collection at Shades of Light. $89 was outside my usual comfort zone of cheap spending, but is still really affordable for such a gorgeous globe pendant. It reminds me a lot of these lights from Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, and  Z Gallerie.

We had some dear friends over for dinner the other night, and I bribed Philip into helping us hang the fixture with some key lime pie. We had no experience with lighting, but after watching him tackle this, I think we will be brave enough to replace the other boob lights!
young house love wire lantern
I love the design it makes on the ceiling.
young house love wire lantern
This office still has a long way to go, but it has come quite a long way in a few weeks. Let's see where we are on the list:

So here is my to-do list:
- Spackle & paint the room
– Paint garage sale desk blue
– Find a chair
– Find a light
- Find a rug
- Find a side table  for next to the chair
- Purchase or build an ottoman for the chair
- Recover ottoman
- Repair and move the mantel into the space
- Decorate/accessorize the mantel
- Style the bookshelves
- Install the new light fixture
- Curtains
- Wall art behind the desk
- Hang the mirror above the mantel

young house love wire lantern


The Evolution of a Room: The Home Office

I am not one of those bloggers that waits until the finished product to show how things are going. Mostly because if I did that, I would never have anything to write about. A few weeks ago, I shared with you my plans and dreams for our little home office space. Well, I have made a bit of progress, so I thought I would share how things are coming along.

This still doesn't feel like an office. It feels like a room where we have put things that would be used for studying or office work. It has a ways to go before it will feel useful or put together or really much of anything, but I am proud of the progress.

I have done a poor job of documenting with pictures, but if you had visited last week, you would have found all the furniture haphazardly shoved to the middle of the room and five paint colors on the walls. Over the weekend, I spent hours painting the room (first ever time to paint a whole room alone), and I have begun to put the parts together.

So, here is where we are: office mood board

View from the kitchen into the wall of shelves....  photo IMG_6000_zpsbd9dd1de.jpg I made an interesting discovery with paint. You will recall from this post that we painted our living room/kitchen Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, and then I used that same color to stencil the hallway. Well, this office room ties the hallway and the kitchen together, so I wanted it all to flow together well, but I knew I wanted the walls to be lighter than in the living room/kitchen because this room stays pretty dim. So, I tried something new.

I ordered Revere Pewter at 50% strength (color matched in Olympic One from Lowe's). That means that it is the same color as the rest of the living space, only half as dark! What a novel concept! Once I realized that was a possibility, the world opened up a bit more! office mood board This lovely chair found a friend in this antique brass lamp that I picked up at a yard sale. I love it! Also, I cannot wait to move the antique mantel upstairs to this room! It has so much character, and I really think it is going to make the room fabulous. It will go right along that big blank wall next to the chair. office mood board I have also ordered this completely amazing light fixture for the space. I can hardly wait for it to be delivered (it's on back young house love wire lantern And for some reason, when I saw this little horse bust at Home Goods, I had to have it. Don't ask me why, but I am obsessed. office mood board I am going for: masculine, comfortable, modern chic in this room.

So here is my to-do list: - Spackle & paint the room - Paint garage sale desk blue - Find a chair - Find a light - Find a rug - Find a side table  for next to the chair - Purchase or build an ottoman for the chair (perhaps tufted...or a fun pouf) - Repair and move the mantel into the space - Decorate/accessorize the mantel - Style the bookshelves - Install the new light fixture - Curtains - Wall art behind the desk

Stay tuned!


Living Room Tour

After teasing at bits and pieces of the living room through various projects for a while, I think it's finally time to give the big picture of what our living room currently looks like. This is truly the heart of our home and where we spend the majority of our time. It is also the first room that is starting to feel complete. Welcome to our home. Come in and have a cup of coffee. We can share stories.

psst...check out the house tour section of the blog up on the navigation menu to see more home tour photos of the whole house and a source list for everything found in the rooms. And for details on how we chose our wall color, see here.

living room tour

living room tour

living room tour

living room tour

living room tour

And because it's hard to share the living room without giving a peek into the kitchen nook...

living room tour

So here's the low down on our to-do list; where we are and what I still would like to complete:

living room - Paint the room revere pewter - Build a floating console table - Find a pair of side chairs - Find a side table for the chairs - Find a two-tone TV stand - Gallery wall behind the TV - Art above the console table - Install double layer curtains - sew pillows for the couch - Accessorize - Get a jute rug - Install crown molding - Install full length sheer curtains (they are currently too short)

kitchen nook - Build and paint the banquette - Find a new industrial style kitchen table - Find and recover chairs - Sew pillows - Hang plate wall - Install faux roman shades over the windows - Cushion for the banquette


I'll Stencil You In: Moroccan Stenciled Hallway from Royal Design Studios

tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway Most 1950s ranch style houses were built without entryways. You simply walk into the living room. In our case, you walk into the living room and look straight ahead into a hallway. I really wanted to spruce up the first thing you see upon entering the house by doing something creative with the hallway.

I had ordered the Large Marrakesh Trellis Moroccan Stencil from Royal Design Studio not knowing exactly where I would use it, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The hallway was already a neutral tan color (that the whole house was originally painted when we moved in), and I thought I could use the gray paint (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) from the living room on top for a tone-on-tone look that visually tied the hallway with the living room.

Before, it was all like "Welcome to our house. The living room is pretty nice, but don't look much further because there isn't anything interesting over there." And now it's like, "Welcome to our house. You may like what you see in the living room, but if you look straight ahead you'll notice that the party continues into the hallway" -- in a very subtle, unassuming way.

tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway

Word to the wise: this was not a simple project. It took me three days of on-and-off work and probably around 7-10 hours if you include wait time while letting paint to dry. And in the words of the old adage, "It's like watching paint dry" -- that means boring, y'all.

But I think the results were well worth the effort.

I'm not going to go into a full on tutorial on stenciling because if you order a stencil, they will provide basic instructions, but I will share a few tips and tricks I learned by trial-and-error along the way.

So, although our hallway has a pretty small wall surface area (which I thought would work to my advantage), the problem is that there are SO MANY DOORWAYS to work around. Six doorways. That's a lot for such a small space. But that's what hallways are for right?

So to save myself some heartache, I decided to paint the ends of the hallway solid gray because the space around the doorways was so small which I knew would be difficult to stencil.

So, first I taped everything off. This is very important. Without the tape, I would have had quite the mess on my hands. This picture doesn't show the ceiling tape wrapping all the way around, but I added that later. tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway

Tip #1: Start from the top. On the first wall that I did, I started from the bottom, and when I got to the top it was very difficult to make a clean line along the edge because the stencil didn't line up correctly. It's much easier to maneuver around the baseboards than along the ceiling line.

So the first time I awkwardly crushed the ceiling edger up on the corner because I started from the bottom .... tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway

But the next time I started from the top and it made life easier. tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway

Tip #2: Use a foam roller.

If I had tried to do this whole project with a stencil brush, I would still be painting the first wall. Use a foam roller, but here's the key! Roll the roller over paper towels a few times to ensure that all excess paint is off and to prevent the paint from running behind the stencil and messing up your clean lines. tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway

Tip #4: A fan may come in handy.

You want to make sure that the paint is mostly dry before you move the stencil to the next spot. Since you will be painting such a thin layer, it should dry quickly, but I also jimmy rigged a bit of a quick dry system. tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway

Tip #5: Edges are tough. Be patient.

Excuse the blurriness of the picture below. I simply want to illustrate that edges are tough, but you just have to be creative and continue the consistent pattern. tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway

Tip #6: Don't do a hallway.

Of course, I did. And it looks awesome. And I think it was worth it, but man it would have been so much easier if I had started out with a flat wall that didn't have SIX doorways to work around.

Tip #7: Use a level, and check every once in a while to make sure you are lining up your stencil level so that you don't end up gradually creating a swooping patternYour stencil will come with marker lines on the plastic that help you to match up the edges of your stencil, but it is still easy to wind up with a crooked pattern.

Tip #8: Choose your colors wisely.

I read about one blogger who stenciled with a dark brown on a white background, and she had to do THREE COATS OF PAINT. After the time and effort that one coat took, I can't even imagine. Because I chose a tone-on-tone look, I was easily able to do one coat, and then I simply touched up the paint later with a sponge brush in spots where it needed a second coat. Be careful of really contrasting colors or light colors on dark backgrounds.

Tip #9: Choose a simple pattern.

Because the Moroccan pattern simply repeated over and over again, it made my job much easier than if I was working with a grandiose pattern that had lots of variety.

Tip #10: Royal Design Studio is great. If you are looking to order a stencil, check them out first. They have such a wide variety of options, and my stencil came with a bonus stencil, a stencil for the ceilings and baseboards, and great instructions on how to use it. It is also very well designed to make the stenciling process easier.

So, that's a wrap.

And here is one more before and after and a close-up to show off the work. tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway tone-on-tone Moroccan stenciled hallway


In My Own Little Corner

I haven't shown my progress on several rooms in the house because they are so far from being done, but I thought I would give a bit of a sneak peek into my own little corner of the house: the writing/reading/sewing/getting ready/closet room. I just call it my room for short.

Of course, my bedroom is shared with my hubby. But because our closets are so small, I decided to keep my clothes in a spare bedroom, and since we already have a guest room in the basement, it has turned into my all purpose space.

Here is what it looks like currently. Other than moving in furniture, it is virtually untouched: french room all precious & pleasant This corner is already my most beloved spot in the house. It is where I sit every morning to have a quiet time and a cup of coffee. It is where I come to cry and pray and read. See this post for more info on the tufted wingback chair. french room all precious & pleasant

I love this french provincial furniture that was handed down from Jeremy's mother. french room all precious & pleasant It's so nice to have a spot in the house to come and write songs at my keyboard. french room all precious & pleasant Although this room is not at the top of my list, I do have plans to turn it into a lovely, french inspired, feminine, romantic retreat. It currently boasts the wall color we inherited with the house. I think with some simple gray/blue on the walls and some romantic accents, it can become perfectly lovely. Inspired by the feeling in the rooms below... french room inspiration french room inspiration french room inspiration french room inspiration Signature