This Little (Inexpensive) Light Of Mine...

You may have the same problem I have. Boob lights.

You know the ones. These.  photo ceilinglight2_zps3dcec9e6.jpg

That is the official DIY blogger term for these simple flushmount lights that are so popular with builders and budget renovations. I get it, they are cheap and they get the job done. But they are so not awesome. And I like awesome more than not awesome. And I light my light fixtures not to resemble awkward anatomy.

So I fixed the boob lights in our bedroom and hallway...for less than $15 a pop. There are two ways to do this, so let me share.  photo ceilinglight13_zps078fefd8.jpg

I purchased two drum lamp shades at home goods on clearance for $12 a piece (originally $14 & $16, so even without the sale they won't break the bank). One is a cool white and the other is called "gray" but it is really "greige." It is important for converting a boob light to a flushmount drum light that the shade be a spider shade. That means it has the rods that criss cross across the top of the drum.  photo ceilinglight3_zps13e21e16.jpg

Option 1: Just screw it.

For our bedroom, I decided a filter wasn't really necessary, so I went the easy route. I removed the glass on the light, just like I would if I were going to change the light bulb.  photo ceilinglight10_zps5f4563d4.jpg

You should have a little nut that was threaded onto the metal pole, holding up the glass.  photo ceilinglight14_zpsbed6e07e.jpg

All I did was screw the shade onto the pole with the nut (too many awkward words).

That is all there is to it. The threading on the metal went all the way up, so I just tightened it until the shade sat right below the light bulbs. If you look underneath, you can see the bulbs, but with the layout of this room specifically. it isn't noticeable, and l like the grayish color inside the shade shining through.  photo ceilinglight4_zpsa55c9e89.jpg

Total cost: Shade: $12  photo ceilinglight5_zpsfa49bcaa.jpg

So many projects in the works for our bedroom!  Those Euro shams and gold link pillow are new. Stay tuned!

Option 2: Put a filter on it.

If you want a little bit more finished look, it's easy peasy and doesn't add much cost.

For the hallway, I purchased half a yard of white muslin fabric for less than $2 at Joann Fabrics, and a roll of piping (or ribbon that looks like piping.)

First, iron the fabric and cut it slightly larger than the circumference of the bottom of the shade.  photo ceilinglight7_zps1e2dcfe6.jpg

Then, use some Craft Glue and line the rim of the shade.

Then lay the fabric on top and pull tight. The fewer wrinkles the better. Let it set for a few minutes to let the glue dry.  photo ceilinglight8_zpsa0462a4b.jpg

Next, pull down the edges and glue the piping/ribbon down for a finished look. I had to cut around the edges a little more so that the fabric could hide behind the ribbon.  photo ceilinglight9_zps776143ec.jpg

Tip: line up the start of the ribbon with the part of the shade that fold on top of each other.

Some shades already have piping when you purchase them, in which case you could easily just remove the existing piping and then reapply.

Finally, to get the shade onto the light fixture, you will need to attach the little nut that came from the fixture to the hole in the "spider" part of the shade with a sturdy glue that will bond metals (like heavy duty super glue).

I just flipped the shade upside down and glued them together (you want the nut to be below the shade so that the shade rests on top).  photo ceilinglight15_zps55be2715.jpg

Let it set for a few minutes, and then screw that shade onto the pole (you will probably have to twist several dozen times to get it up far enough.)

To change the bulbs, I plan on just lowering it a bit and changing them from above.  photo ceilinglight11_zps766e7b26.jpg

Total cost: $15 Shade: $12 Fabric: $2 Ribbon: $3

For comparison, here is a ceiling light from Lowe's next to my creation.  photo ceilinglight1_zpse8574879.jpg

Pretty simple, huh? I would love to be able to exchange every boob light for a beautiful, unique creation like the one in the office, but this simple fix is a major update on a dime, and I am happy with that!  photo ceilinglight13_zps078fefd8.jpg

What do you think?