Signs of Spring

After a glorious weekend of 65 degree sunshine and soul-energizing fresh air, the temps in Nashville have descended back into the sub-freezing range. While the snowflakes that fell on Wednesday morning may have been sent by Jack Frost to squelch my spirit, I won't let him. You hear that, Mr. Frost? The sooner you leave the better. Those few days of glorious warmth reminded me of the things I love about Spring, and the reasons I am thankful for the bits of Spring that are popping up around us like little beacons of hope.

So, happy Friday, my friends. Here are my favorite parts about the coming Spring.

1. Tulips & Roses Signs of Spring Signs of Spring

2. Whiskers on kittens Signs of Spring

3. Quotes like this one Signs of Spring

4. Cutest flea market iron animals Signs of Spring

5. New buds growing up from the ground all on their own. Signs of Spring

Is spring on its way wherever you are? Take a deep breath. It's almost here.