Metallic Bathroom Gallery Wall

I've had plans for a gallery wall in the main floor bathroom ever since the paint transformation and shelf/key projects. I didn't purchase many things for this gallery wall. I've simply collected pieces over time, and I pulled several together to make an eclectic, metallic based wall. I love the way the gold frame, silver mirror, and antique brass colors all create a cohesive yet eclectic look. Metallic Themed Eclectic Gallery Wall

For hanging the frames, I used the same technique I did on our living room gallery wall, so head HERE for more details on the process.

I have found the most effective way to hang a gallery wall on the first try (without performing nail acupuncture all over your nice smooth wall) is to make replicas of the frame shapes out of paper (I used newspaper), and then tape them to the wall to test out placement. Then take down each paper substitute as you nail the actual frame.

Metallic Themed Eclectic Gallery Wall

Some of my favorite pieces are these monogram plaques (which I made...tutorial to come tomorrow).... Metallic Themed Eclectic Gallery Wall

and this amazing chalkboard art that my cousin made for one of our wedding showers. I have waiting to find a perfect place to display it. While it isn't metallic, I like the balance that the black and white brings to the table. Metallic Themed Eclectic Gallery Wall

The metal tile in the top left corner was something that Jeremy & I found at an antique store years ago, and it has followed me through 3 apartments and now our first house. The wooden door art was a gift from my mother-in-law, and the mirror and hook on the far left were gifts from my mom.

Tip of the day: I believe the key to a great gallery wall is choosing between variety and uniformity and sticking to it. I love gallery walls with matching frames and a uniform look like this one from John & Sherry. Gallery Wall

But, the other route to take is the one I chose which is by having so much variety that everything has a different purpose, like this one from Liz Marie. I love the different shapes, textures, colors, etc. Gallery Wall

In my opinion, anywhere in between uniformity and eclectic can easily feel unintentional.

So, here is one final look at the finished bathroom. I think I am calling phase 1 complete. Still to come (hopefully) is replacing the tile floor. But for now, the vision is done. I think that's the first room I feel that way about!

Metallic Themed Eclectic Gallery Wall

Back tomorrow with more on the DIY Monogram art!