Glass Frosting

 photo windows7_zps5c83a6a6.jpgThere's something a little unsettling about a window in a shower. Even if you know that the angle of your house prevents the neighbors from peeping in, I still feel a little awkward about it, and I don't really like looking up from the backyard and seeing shampoo bottles on the window ledge. Time for a solution.

Enter: Rustoleum Frosted Glass Spray Paint. Say WHAT?! Spray paint for frosting glass? It's true, my friends. So very true.  photo window1_zps371cb6c0.jpg So first things first, there was a large space on one side of the window, so my handy husband caulked it.

Then I used a razor and some baking soda/water mixture to clean off the muck from the window frame. In 50 years of existence, it had gotten very mucky. I'm sorry you had to see this.  photo windows6_zps5bd8e829.jpg Next I taped around the metal frame with some painters tape and sprayed away! It really is that simple. I just sprayed about 12 inches away from the glass and did about three coats.  photo windows5_zps9e4aecc1.jpg When I first sprayed it, it was looking a little splotchy and inconsistent, but after letting it dry for about five minutes, it evened out. Be patient. The longer I waited, the more even it looked.  photo window2_zps5aa040fe.jpg My only problem is that with these windows being so old, I think there were some flaws and inconsistencies in the glass that left a few strange marks in the frosted glass, but other than that it is very smooth and the perfect amount of transparency to let light in but no peeping toms.  photo windows4_zps7c1626c9.jpg

After a couple of showers, it has stood up to the moisture very well! And it is wipeable, but easily scrapes off with some effort so that if I get sick of it, I can remove it.

For about $4, you can't beat it.

Spray paint for the win.