DIY Terrarium

DIY Terrarium - all precious and pleasant blogThe word "Terrarium" sounds a bit like a home for monsters that hide under your bed, but in fact it is a home for pretty plants that live inside a container.

I am assembling our little home office space, and I seem to have pulled together a lot of square things with pretty sharp lines. There is a lot of mid-century influence in that room, and mid-century furniture tends to be square. As a result, I need some round shapes to balance out the rectangular chairs, tables, ottoman, bookcases, and mantel. I plan on someday getting a circular rug, circular mirror for above the mantel, and circular art for the walls. For now, I am adding some soft lines with this little round glass DIY terrarium. And I am loving it.

So, here is how you too can create your own little plant home.

I did a little research and learned that for non-desert plants like ferns, it is good to get a jar with a lid for your terrarium; however, succulents like the ones that I picked do just fine in an open air container. So inspired by this pin, I found a little glass bowl/vase at Home Goods.

Then I went to Lowe's and picked out three little succulents that complemented each other in texture and color. There were so many to choose from! This is less than half of what they had. DIY terrarium - all precious and pleasant blog

Most terrariums use rocks in the "landscaping" and we have no shortage of rocks outside the kitchen door, so I collected some rocks and some dirt from the backyard.

DIY terrarium - all precious and pleasant blog

And filled the bowl with some dirt. I have read that it is good to get special cactus soil, but for such a small little bowl, I didn't want to buy a big bag of cactus soil, so I just scooped up some soil from my flower beds. DIY terrarium - all precious and pleasant blog Then added in the plants. And I had to remove some of the dirt because the plants take up a lot of room (who knew?!). I watered the plants a bit before the next step.

Then finally the rocks. Which was kinda tough because my hand barely fit into the bowl. In retrospect, it would have looked nice to start with some rocks at the bottom as well for layering effect.

And there you go. DIY terrarium - all precious and pleasant blog Note to self: I will use less dirt next time. And I might try to find rocks with a little more contrast for more noticeable layering. But this was free.

So there are my little plant babies on my little flea market table. Every room could use a little green. DIY terrarium - all precious and pleasant blog Signature