Gallery Wall 101

After 2.5 months of new-house livin', I am finally starting to get things onto the walls. It automatically feels more like a home! The space behind the TV was begging for some love, and a gallery wall was the perfect solution. Here is a little look into my gallery wall hanging process and the stories behind each of the pieces.Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant First I collected items that I wanted included in the set. I tried to find a mixture of colors, textures, and sizes.

Then I set it out on the ground like I thought I wanted it on the wall. Yea...didn't really end up like that. Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant

I traced each item onto newspaper or packing paper and taped the forms on the wall so I could envision what it would all look like without hammering any holes into the drywall.

Then I looked at it for a few hours (Some people let it sit for a few days. I'm not that patient) and moved things around a few times. Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant I measured the back of each frame for where the nails should go, transferred the measurements to the paper forms on the wall, marked the spots with a purple marker, and hammered away. Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant Even once I got it up on the wall, I made a few small adjustments before calling it done.

 photo gallerywall2_zps90a0fb71.jpg

1. My G-Daddy (mom's daddy) is an amazing artist. He creates beautiful paintings of scenes he has visited around the country. I grew up in a home filled with his artwork, and I looked forward to the day that I could have one of his pieces in my home. This beautiful print is G-Daddy's handiwork.

2. This antique ceiling tile was one of the first antique items that Jeremy & I bought together. In our early years of dating, we were shopping at an antique store in Texas when we stumbled across this, and Jeremy convinced me buy it. It has followed me around my last 3 apartments and now to our home.

3. This is one of the first wedding photos I have hung in our new home. The rest are sitting in their frames waiting to find a spot in the house. This frame was a $2 Goodwill find.

4. I loved the texture and interest of this metallic mirror from Home Goods. That store is quickly becoming one of my very favorite places to shop.

5. Someone gifted us this framed wedding invitation as a wedding present. I thought that was such a sweet and sentimental idea.

6. A round plate was a nice balance for all of the rectangular items. This was a thrift store find as well.

So, there you have it, folks. Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant Gallery Wall -  All Precious & Pleasant Signature