Pinterest Fail: The Oven Baking Soda Fiasco of 2013

I love Pinterest. You love Pinterest. We all love Pinterest. It's a great symposium of ideas. But not all pins are created equal. And not all of them work for me. This blog is about real life, and in real life, things don't always work.

We inherited some great appliances with our new house. We didn't have to replace any of them, and I am so thankful. They all work well, and we have cooked many a delicious meal already. See? The kitchen is so spacious and lovely.  photo 4-Kitchen4_zps002558e0.jpg But, the previous owners didn't clean out the oven before they left, and we moved in with a pretty nasty, grimy oven. These pictures emphasize the icky-ness.  photo null_zps10962f3b.jpg  photo null_zpsd3a8e004.jpg I read on Pinterest that you could safely clean your oven using baking soda and water.

I mixed together a paste of baking soda and water and rubbed it all over the oven after I removed the racks. It was weird and gross and made my hands turn black. But I had faith that the end result would be worth it.

I read a suggestion that you should leave it anywhere from an hour to overnight. I decided to leave it for a full 24 hours because the grime was really heavy. I forgot to take a picture of this step! Bad blogger.

The next day I proceeded to wipe out the oven, and it pretty much looked exactly the same as before...except some of the baking soda got stuck behind the glass. Here is a great before and after of my progress.  photo ovenbeforeaftercopy_zpsd77727af.jpg Awesome.

It also left behind this white residue that is still there several weeks later.  photo null_zps1ed6734d.jpg  photo null_zps065da63e.jpg What did I do wrong?!! Tonight I am going to use the self cleaning feature on the oven. Wish me luck.