We Are Homeowners!

Today was a monumental day. I have been counting down for two months, and I am just over the top excited. Today we closed on our house. Jeremy and I are such novices when it comes to home buying, and I have heard horror stories, so I was holding my breath until we signed all of the documents because I was anticipating a loan issue disguised as a bandit to jump around every corner. But he never did. We feel so blessed, and we know this is where God wants us right now. That is a really reassuring feeling.

Warning: there are lots of really big, cheesy smiles in these photos.

Here is us in front of OUR house this morning.  photo 532842F2-4267-4DAF-8199-D8AB47DB06D3-2728-0000026185EE176D_zpsddb5eeaa.jpg And me squealing in the car.  photo 18330144-B6CD-470D-8B7D-D2485BE36F7F-2974-00000279CDD1F542_zps9e0b23b9.jpg  photo 0B7E5312-9280-41CE-9981-8A8C96853C50-3214-0000029519E701FB_zps652901b7.jpg And prepping to sign a million documents in the realty office.  photo 0AECC079-C326-4703-8061-084B60C86ABC-2974-00000279CE227E12_zpsdbea8fa7.jpg And Jeremy dangling the keys and then using them like mistletoe over my head.  photo C61AF0A5-A2FF-4908-88DC-D7A653FC7456-2974-00000279CF53AF06_zps8769e7bc.jpg  photo 1E70BD2B-3B00-4584-ADB1-74F31988D658-2974-00000279D2E04992_zps1dc33da5.jpg

We didn't get a picture of us actually signing the documents. But I promise it happened.

Now, excuse me while I go paint a few rooms. I will be back tomorrow with some photos of the new digs.  photo Signature_zps48867f61.jpg

P.S. Big shout out to our amazing realtor Allen Perry and the whole team at Nashville On The Move. I recommend them to anyone interested in buying a house. They made every step of the process a breeze and a blast. We could not have been in better hands! They also gave us this adorable housewarming gift.  photo C3A14687-6076-4BBE-A12E-E790449493B0-2974-0000027A8408D63E_zpsd9a74313.jpg