Hi there! We are Jeremy & Chandler Quarles, the faces behind Peach & Pine Home. Welcome to our little corner of the internet! When we got married as recent college grads and bought our first home a few short months later, we had no idea the passion for home design, renovation, and creating beautiful spaces that would be ignited in our hearts. As we gained confidence and skills through trial and error over those first few years of home ownership, we discovered a shared excitement for interior design and home renovation. After tackling our own fixer upper, we knew that we wanted to make our passion for design and renovation more than just a hobby. We were also certain that we wanted to do it as a team. 

From that desire comes Peach & Pine Home. It is Georgia peaches (Jeremy's home state) and Texas pines (Chandler's home state). It is functionality and beauty. It is creating space for you and yours to live life and live it well.  

We love making homes beautiful. Take a look around. We are glad you are here! 

Chandler & Jeremy Quarles 


Chandler grew up in the lone star state and developed a love for all things decorating. From a young age, she watched her mother and grandmother take great pride in creating beautiful homes. She spent hours "decorating" dollhouses and loved the chance to give her room a makeover. While her style has matured from the teal and lime green flower-power bedroom of the 90s, her love for creating beautiful spaces is still intact. She re-discovered that passion at a deeper level when she and Jeremy bought their first house and began making improvements on a tight budget. From there, she began helping friends improve their homes and soon decided to make that hobby into a career.

Chandler has been helping to design and renovate homes in the Nashville area since early 2016. In March of 2017, she partnered with designer Anna Berry and works closely with her on projects all around the greater Nashville area. Chandler quit her music industry job of 6 years in June of 2017 to pursue a full-time career in interior design and home renovation. 

Chandler believes that a day well spent includes a leisurely morning at home, a cup of coffee, time spent wandering the cluttered hallways of an antique store searching for the perfect find and a drive through country roads dreaming of the old farmhouse she will renovate one day. She loves spending time with her husband, leading worship and writing music, traveling, and cuddling with their two cats and a good book on a rainy day. 

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Jeremy grew up just north of Atlanta, GA and has always enjoyed being resourceful. Growing up, Jeremy's dad was a do-it-yourself go-getter around the house, often enlisting Jeremy's help to do projects. This is where Jeremy's love and instinct for building began, and he continues to be creative and resourceful in his projects. This passion has only increased since Jeremy and Chandler purchased their first house in Nashville, TN. He loves to build pieces that help Chandler execute a creative vision for spaces. 

Jeremy is a lover of much, splitting his interests among music, movies, and sports. By day, he is road manager, taking care of logistics for artists/bands on the road. He is a producer/engineer, mixing front-of-house for many of the artists he works with. He is a skilled instrumentalist who often leads worship at his home church. His ideal afternoon includes a round of golf on a mostly sunny, 65 degree day and hanging out with his wife and close friends. 

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